Building On The Fraser Coast

Building On The Fraser Coast

Building in Wide BayThere are plenty of things you need to consider when it comes to building a new home.

For the most part, all of these decisions can be included in four main areas; location, builder, budget, and design.



It’s important that you find a location that’s going to suit you now, and in the future. Whether that means the ability to sell the home later, or even just the availability of land where you want to live.

Living in the Fraser Coast region, there are plenty of places where you can choose to build a new home, but there is some competition.

Aletha from Stroud Homes Wide Bay has noticed a definite increase in the desire for coastal and acreage living.

“We’re kind of all over the place these days, which has been really surprising. We’re doing a lot in Burnett Heads, Elliot heads, Childers, Parklands, and Harvey Bay is a huge market.”

You can check out some of the house and land packages available in Wide Bay, or call the Stroud Homes office on 07 4152 6969 to see what else is available.


Slade-Walters-Stroud-Homes-Wide-Bay-400pxChoosing your builder is a topic all to itself, which we’ll cover in depth at a later stage.

For now, it’s worthwhile saying that you want a builder with a good reputation for quality builds, and years of experience.

Slade Walters at Stroud Homes Wide Bay is a second-generation builder with over 23 years’ experience, and a local reputation for quality.


This is a personal choice, but it’s important to think of the house you want in a few years’ time, rather than what you want now.

Stroud has a full range of home designs, with small homes for those who don’t need much space, right up to large acreages for big families who want lots of room.


Black And White QuotesThe budget is one of the things many people get stuck on.

Aletha says, “the biggest thing I can tell people is to make sure they’re not just looking at the bottom line, really have a think about the value the builder is offering you.”

When you’re comparing building quotes, take the time to look at what comes in that quote.

At Stroud Homes, we offer a long list of quality inclusions, all within a complete quote with no hidden extras.

To talk about anything to do with building your new home, drop into the display centre or our Wide Bay display home today.