Building On The Sunny Coast

Building On The Sunny Coast

Daniel ChapmanDaniel Chapman from Stroud Homes Caloundra, Maroochydore and Noosa has been hanging around building sites since he was a young boy.

Born and raised in the area, Dan is the perfect person to talk to about building trends on the Sunshine Coast in 2018 and how to go about beginning the building process.

Why should people build a home on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sydney and Melbourne market has finally cooled and may even have a couple of percent down turn in the coming year and now the Sunshine Coast is tipped to have the highest property growth in Australia over the coming year.

One of the biggest indicators for this is the amount of money spent on new projects on the Sunshine Coast in the past 12 months compared to Melbourne.

Melbourne had 24 million dollars spent where as the Sunshine Coast had 28 million dollars spent which included but was not limited to the largest hospital in the southern hemisphere.

This massive investment has meant that the Sunshine Coast has transitioned from a regional tourist hub to an area of opportunity with strong job growth offering families premium lifestyle.

Sunshine Coast High Rise

What do you think is essential for creating a home in 2018?

I think it’s time for everyone to take stock. The new year is a fantastic time for everyone to reflect and take the time to think about what is truly important to them. This time to think is extremely valuable when making decisions about the home that you want to build.

I feel that on the Sunshine Coast we are heading into a chaotic time with so much new opportunity being created, that we run the risk of losing sight of what is truly important to us and in particular what is going to make us and others around us happy.

My advice is to be open and honest with the decisions you make with your home. Think about the future and don’t make emotional decisions that are most likely being influenced by external factors.

Stroud Homes Alfred 190 Dining Sunshine Coast Display Home
Alfred 190Bells Creek Display Home

What is the number one question people should ask their builder?

What is your license number and give me the link to your page. Also, please show me how to look your license number up on the QBCC website.

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before deciding to build?

What do I need at the moment to make myself happy and does building this home fit into what I need to increase my happiness?

What is the number one question people should ask themselves before choosing a home design?

What is the purpose for this home? Once you have a clear idea of this question then the rest of the decisions will be easily made and everything will just fall into place.

Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast Azalea 247 Display Home
Azalea 247Bli Bli Display Home

If you would like to talk to Daniel about building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, he and the team would love to talk to you. Give them a bell on 07 5444 2521 or on 0402 864 305.