Building Smaller Home Designs in Melbourne’s North

Building Smaller Home Designs in Melbourne’s North


Why build a smaller home?

It’s not uncommon for people with adult kids who have moved away from home, to downsize to something smaller which requires less maintenance, in order to free up some time and possibly some cash too.

“The people I talk to usually want to move away from the work involved with a larger property and move closer to their kids.” says Stroud Homes Melbourne North builder David Kirby.

And fewer rooms and smaller spaces can cut down on the time expended to clean and maintain your house significantly. Time better spent on things you’re more passionate about than household tasks.

“People still want to live in a decent sized home – just with less work involved than at their old property.”

We talk more about downsizing with Stroud Homes Melbourne North.

Harmony 136 Federation Façade

Before you downsize

Before deciding to sell off your current property in order to downsize, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • How much are you going to get for your existing home?
  • How much are you prepared to spend on your new home?
  • Where are you planning to live while building your new home?
  • Are you open to rent for a period of time while the new home is being built?

According to David, a lot of people still want to stay in the same area as they are currently residing in, so it would be wise to have a look at available land in the region before you sell off your existing plot.


Smaller designs and customised builds

Most of the home designs in the Stroud Home range come in a variety of sizes, and most of the ranges includes small designs that are around the 200 sqm mark or smaller.

“Many of our designs are prefect for the client who wants something smaller, and with less maintenance involved,” says David.

“You would want to shy away from anything involving timber or cladding which always requires more maintenance compared to using brick veneer or a rendered home.”

Whether it is the Paddington series, the Avoca series, the Wildflower series, or the Como series – they are all available in various sizes.

“We can also of course customise our builds according to client’s needs and preference,” adds David.

“Nothing is impossible when building with Stroud Homes Melbourne North!”

If you have any questions about downsizing, David is more than happy to discuss your needs and go through the options with you.

Take a look at some of our smaller homes below, we have plenty to choose from:

A selection of our Small Homes

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