Building Support For Our Beaches

Building Support For Our Beaches

As you may already know, Stroud Homes pledges to plant 15 trees for every home we build.

For Dan Chapman at Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast, he’s let his tree balance build to the point that he can build some effective erosion barriers – with over 350 trees!

With such a considerable number to plant, Dan asked the Sunshine Coast Council where there has been the greatest damage to the environment that needs repair.

“They’ve put us on to some damaged dune systems on our beaches,” Dan says.

That’s why next month Dan, along with a lot of local support, will be heading down to the Sunshine Coast beaches to revegetate the dune systems and help support the environment.

We’ll keep updating the news section with information about this, who from the local community will be attending, and if there’s anything you can do to help out.

In the meantime, if you’re looking to build a home on the Sunshine Coast, you can call the Stroud team on 07 5444 2521, or simply drop in to the display home to see what we can do for your new home dreams.