Building to your Block and Budget in Adelaide Hills

Building to your Block and Budget in Adelaide Hills

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Factors to consider

When planning to build your new home, it is essential to build to your block and budget. You cannot just put a house on a piece of dirt, there are many factors to take into consideration.

Some clients have their heart set on a house design without even having a block, or the design does not even fit the block that’s been purchased.

Designing a home that does not fit will only result in a length delay in having it built.

In the Adelaide Hills there’s a number of blocks that have bushfire and developer encumbrances attached to them, blocks that have to be benched and retained which will cost money and time.

“In this location large pieces of flat land are rare,” says Rachelle Barlow of Stroud Homes. “After all we are in Adelaide Hills.”

We chat to Rachelle about building new homes in the Adelaide Hills region.

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Pick the right builder

Working with a builder who understands the client’s needs and the land, and takes everything into consideration, is vital to keeping on track with a budget, and maintaining a healthy communcation relationship.

Many buyers jump into purchasing a piece of land without knowing what cost could be incurred.

Slopes can be deceptive, and it isn’t until a trained eye, or a site survey is carried out, that it become apparent that the land will need significant earthworks to get a home on there.

There is no such thing as a cheap piece of land. That is why at Stroud Homes, we recommend taking up our offer of a free site evaluation before you purchase the land, which can help to identify such issues or potential additional costs.


Building with Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills

With the Stroud Homes FREE site evaluation, we can work towards getting our client a realistic fixed price for their build, a price that does not have hidden costs or extortionate variations attached.

For this to happen, a preliminary agreement is signed, which allows tests to be conducted on the client’s land. These are passed on at cost, and the client owns these tests.

Soil, contours, pre-certified checks (water, electricty, sewer etc) are then carried out. These go to the engineer who will then draft out the best slab for the land and preferred footprint. No matter the soil type, this part is essential and needs to be right.

Upon having all that information, the next part is drafting the house with working drawings and fully engineering the slab to the soil classification to fit with the budget.

If you’re under budget we can simply make the slab bigger. If over budget we simply shrink the footprint.

This takes the client ready to council approval with a stunning Stroud Home, a set of plans within budget, knowing exactly where they stand.


The Stroud difference

The above process is different to how most other builders do it, but we believe it brings transparency and clear communication to what needs to be done in order to build to budget.

The feedback we are getting from clients tells us they like knowing where they stand, and that there no hidden surprises.

For more information on building to budget, call us at Stroud Homes Adelaide Hills now on 0422 756 755 , and we can help you start the journey to building your new Stroud Home.

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

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