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A Smooth & Happy Build with Stroud Homes Caloundra

Stroud Homes Caloundra’s number one priority is to ensure the client gets the smoothest, most enjoyable experience of building a home that anyone could imagine.

From start to finish, the company’s experienced and professional team will guide you through the process, along with providing each client with FAQ videos and documents explaining the process and terminology before they get to it.

“We can guarantee that you will be absolutely enthralled with your building experience with us, and that you will be so in love with your new home, the quality and the team of people you’ll get to meet along the way that you wont be able to keep it to yourself,” says Stroud Homes Caloundra Sales Consultant Barry Farquhar.

We find out more about the process of building homes on the Sunshine Coast.

Before building

To start the process of building your dream home, you get provided a free no obligation quote within 24 hours on any of the standard plans specific to your block of land, with the right amount of information.

Then, Stroud Homes Caloundra engages in a preliminary agreement, which ensures the company can do all the appropriate checks, measures, and tests on your block of land. These checks ensures Stroud Homes can then provide a black and white, 100% fixed price quote.

Once the preliminary agreement, checks and  plans are signed off on, the team move onto the Contracts stage. The Contracts Admin team will then guide you through the process, ensuring you know exactly what you are signing.

You’re able to make any changes to plans up until you sign the contract, this can be organized by talking with your sales person or the Contracts Admin.

Colour selection

The next step is colour and product selection day. This happens whilst the plans are being processed by council for building certification.

Once all specifications and colours are complete, and the home has been certified ready to build, you are then handed over to our very communicative supervisor.

Your supervisor will walk you through every step of the build, ensuring you know exactly what, and when everything is happening.

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Building time

Stroud Homes Caloundra understands how important build time is to the clients and offers a 16 week build time guarantee. This build time starts at council approval and finishes at hand over.

Each home is assessed based on design, size, inclusions etc. to establish a fair and reasonable time frame. If the build doesn’t reach practical completion in said time, Stroud Homes guarantees to pay you $50 per day in damages until practical completion is reached.

Practical completion

Once practical completion has been reached, the team gets the external handover company to inspect the home to ensure that everything is complete to the plans.

The inspection guarantees Stroud Homes Caloundra’s undeniable top notch quality that the company’s reputation is built upon.

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