Building with Stroud Homes Cardinia – Step by step

Building with Stroud Homes Cardinia – Step by step

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From the moment you walk into Stroud Homes Cardinia’s display office you are greeted by our sales consultant who will be your first point of contact.

Our sales consultant will sit down with all clients and find out about you, your family and your current lifestyle.

By the end of the meeting, Stroud Homes Cardinia understand exactly what you, as a client, are looking for, so the right home design and floor plans are chosen to suit personal style and budget.

We talk to the team about the process involved when building a new home with Stroud Homes Cardinia, from initial contact to happy handover.


Can you explain the Stroud Homes free no obligation quote within 24 hours?

At Stroud Homes our motto is ‘Black and White Quotes every time’! Meaning, with our Fully Loaded Inclusions, we will be able to give the client a finished price, not a starting price like many of our competitors.

Pricing and inclusions are broken down and made easy for people to understand, and by doing so clients will know exactly what to budget for from the beginning.

If the clients have already purchased land, we can provide a finished price on the design, and after visiting their block we will also be able to provide an estimate on the related site cost within 24 hours.


Can you explain what the Preliminary Agreement includes prior to signing the fixed price contract?

Preliminary Agreement is slightly different with all builders, some will take an initial deposit or a ‘set fee’ to cover their overheads.

However, at Stroud Homes, our Preliminary Agreement only covers cost prices of all tests and surveys to ensure your next quotation is accurate as possible.

Your final quote after colour selection will be the same price as the contract price – with no hidden fees or variations!

Stroud Homes offer FREE site evaluations

Can all estimates or ‘provisional sums’ for items such as siteworks be determined exactly at the time of signing a fixed price contract?

Once colour selection is done and all items are locked in, we ask our clients to double check all documents.

If no variations are required, then the initial sums do not change. It’s very important to lock in all materials before contract so it will be a smooth process during the build.

How long does it take to build your homes? Is there a building time guarantee?

In Victoria we aim to keep the build time to under 20 weeks.

Acreage homes might be little longer (at around 24 weeks), but all dates will be talked about and noted during contract signing.

Custom house plans service

When during the process can I make changes to the design, and who do I contact in regards to this?

To ensure a smooth build, the home design will need to be finalised before it’s sent to engineers for review which is just before the colour selection meeting.

Colours and inclusions will need to be finalised before contract. There are cases where clients change colours or materials selected after contract – just beware there might be extra charges if previous selected items are already ordered.

Our Contract administrator, Mahala Hughes, is the contact person for all colour selection needs.


Can you tell me about the other guarantees you offer at Stroud Homes, and how you can guarantee my home will be of top quality?

We have an Independent Building Inspector included in the contract who will inspect the home before handover.

If there are any items needs addressing, we will have it done within three months after handover.

Our maintenance period is 12 months after the build! That is how confidant we are with our craftsmanship.

The clients are welcome to contact the sales team should any issues arise.

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