Building your Dream Home with Stroud Homes Toowoomba

Building your Dream Home with Stroud Homes Toowoomba

Choosing your builder

You may have saved for years, found an area you want to live in and maybe even purchased your block of land. All that’s left to do is build your dream house, move in and live happily ever after.

But first you have to decide on who to build with!

Choosing your builder can be a daunting experience, with companies offering different price structures, guarantees and warranties. It can seem like an almost impossible task.

We speak to Stroud Homes Toowoomba Salesperson Megan Thomas about building with the team at Stroud, and why they are a top rated home builder.

Can you walk me through the process of building a home with Stroud Homes, from initial contact to handover?

After the initial contact we most commonly take our clients to walk through our display home, which is located at 105 Cronin Road, The Avenues in Highfields.

By walking through our display home clients get an understanding of the quality of the build and high level of inclusions which we have featured throughout the home.

Following the display visit, if the client already has purchased land, we would organise a site inspection so we can get a better idea whether or not the home design will work on their block.

We would also look for any potential site costs when working with a sloping block or any potential difficulties with building.

If the client doesn’t have land yet, we can assist in this process and work with the client on purchasing a suitable block of land.

Once we have land and the house design locked in, we work with the client on any potential floor changes/upgrades they might like.

To get the floor plans updated with the client and then through to our draftsman usually takes 3-6 weeks.

Can you explain Stroud Homes free no obligation quote within 24 hours?

At Stroud Homes we believe it’s important for the client to have an idea of what their chosen home might cost to build.

If the client has land and already has a site survey/soil test done, then we can provide a quote with any potential upgrades (landscaping, fencing etc.).

If they don’t have land, we can ball park any of our designs to give them an idea of what they might be looking at, which in turn gives them an idea of a budget should they find a suitable block of land.

It’s difficult to provide an accurate quote if we don’t have a block of land as site conditions can significantly impact the build costs.

Things such as potential earthworks and soil type mean we can only ballpark pricing until we know more about where the build will be.

Can you explain what the Preliminary Agreement and Preliminary Testing includes prior to signing the fixed price contract?

The PA (Preliminary Agreement) is a very important part of the process as it allows us to gain a better understanding of the block.

The cost of the PA will depend on the size of the block and how much information is already known.

A standard PA includes a site survey, soil report and wind rating, a certifier pre-check and preliminary drawings. Once we have this information, we can complete the second part of the PA which is arranging an engineered designed slab and drafting of full working drawings.

For larger blocks we may also need a HSTP design and a contour survey. The cost of the PA ranges from between $1,500 – $3,000 depending on what above items need completing, but we have built the price of PA into the quote, so the client isn’t up for anymore costs.

Can all estimates or ‘provisional sums’ for items such as siteworks be determined exactly at the time of signing a fixed price contract?

At Stroud Homes we try to avoid estimates or provisional sums so the client has a fixed price contract and can go to the banks with confidence, knowing what they need to borrow.

We have been building in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs area for nearly ten years and have built on a variety of blocks each with their own difficulties.

This has provided us with a database of previous builds which we can use to help navigate the upcoming job.

If we’ve built in an area where there was a large amount of rock, we put a rock allowance into the quote. Even if our soil tests have indicated there might not be any rock, we prefer to use caution and allow for this in our quote.

While this may increase the all-in price, we feel it gives clients the confidence when they go to the bank to have a locked in price and know what they are getting for that price.

After the site works are finished and we didn’t encounter any rock, we credit back that amount for the rock allowance.

If the client is choosing to upgrade certain elements of the home, such as a spa bath in lieu of our standard bath or upgrading tap wear, we update the quote to reflect these changes.

Rather than allow for a provisional sum of what this upgrade might cost, we price it up and included in the quote so that the client can be confident in the final price and the home finish.

How long does it take to build your homes? Is there a building time guarantee?

Stroud Homes Toowoomba are proud to offer a 16 week build time. This build time refers to the period from building approval to when the keys are handed over.

In a normal situation when the client already has land and an idea of the home they want, the total process from the first initial meeting through to completion of the build would commonly take between five and six months.

We also offer clients five guided inspections throughout the build process and weekly updates to the clients during the build from the supervisor.

Stroud Homes offers you real guarantees and commitments that will make your home build a stress-free experience.

When during the process can I make changes to the design, and who do I contact in regard to this?

During the initial design stage is when most plan changes are commonly made.

All our plans are customisable to suit the clients needs and can be easily updated prior to the plans getting drafted.

Once a preliminary agreement has been signed and the plans are with our draftsman, any further changes will incur a fee, depending on the size of the change.

One of our friendly sales staff would be the best person to contact regarding these changes as the project hasn’t yet been passed over to our contract admin team.

If any changes are made during the build there will be a variation fee, which will be communicated to the client so they have a clear idea of how much this change will cost.

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