Building Your Home on a Sloped Block

Building Your Home on a Sloped Block

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The housing boom has seen many builders and developers aggressively promote easier and cheaper builds on flatter land, which has created a pricing disparity, with less sought after, steeper blocks trading at an attractive discount to flatter ones.

And with home buyers becoming increasingly more price sensitive, purchasing cheaper, sloping land has created a lot more interest in recent years.

Stroud Homes Cardinia is an expert builder when it comes to sloped blocks and split-level designed homes, and is able to modify many of the designs to accommodate client’s block.

“We work with sloped blocks every day and find that the main challenge is the design,” says Stroud Homes Cardinia Sales Consultant Mahala Hughes.

“Recently we modified our Wildflower 216 design to suite a client’s sloped block.”

What excavation is involved in building on a sloping lot?

You might be surprised to know that excavation is minimised for a sloped block.

These homes are often built on stumps, therefore minimal excavation is required. Where we have done a slab construction this does involve additional excavation compared to a normal site.

Does it take longer to complete a home when building on a sloped block, or will it still be completed within the 20 week build time?

Generally, a split-level build can be an additional 2-4 weeks depending on the slope. The time of year and weather is also a great factor when commencing a split-level build.

Wildflower 216 Split Level Classic Front Higher
The Wildflower 216 Split Level Classic Floor Plan – Front Higher

Wildflower 216 Alpine Façade

Does building a split-level home cost more? How early can I establish the cost to build on a steep site?

Split-level homes are a fantastic option for home buyers looking to build on sloping blocks of land.

These homes are cleverly designed to suit upward, downward and sideways sloping land so that owners can get the most of their land and optimise their views – to name just a few benefits.

Building a split-level home does not necessarily cost more. To establish the cost involved before buying a sloped block, give us a call and we will complete a free site evaluation, this will give you a good indication of what to consider when buying/building on a sloped block and estimate costing.

The total cost is determined once a soil and survey has been completed and engineered drawings are done to establish the real cost.

Are there any advantages of sloped land when building a home?

Absolutely, in most cases a main advantage is views and you might also find more privacy with a sloped block due to the nature of the block.

We often find that another advantage of building on sloped land creates an individual or unique home because no sloped block is alike.

Often these blocks are more affordable which means you have more money to spend on the home you want.

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