Can I Make Changes
to My Home Design?

Can I Make Changes
to My Home Design?

Change the Plan

You’ve got your land, chosen your builder and your 90% sure about the home design… sound like you?

Building a home is a big decision and the team from Stroud Homes Brisbane East want you to have  happy building experience and be thrilled with the final product – your new home.

Lisa Adams from Stroud Homes Brisbane East answers some frequently asked questions about making changes to your home design.

Am I allowed to make changes to a Stroud Homes home design?

Yes! It is going to be your home, you need to love every inch of it. Why build if you need to compromise… you could just buy something that is there ready to go.

If I want to make changes, who do I talk to?

If you want to make changes, these are done during the preliminary stage when we are working with you on your design. You would talk to your sales assistant firstly, and our builder David gets involved in all changes also.

Will I get to see new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

Yes! What we do is work with you ourselves to get the design as close to perfect as we can. We then hand the design over to the Draftsman to get all the plans drawn up.

After this we sit down and go through the plans again and can make any adjustments before sending it off for final drafting. In some cases, this process can be more involved than the build itself! It is so important to get it right.

If I make changes to the design, will it affect the cost?

Not always. We do not charge anything to change our designs. There may be costs involved in the changes you make, like making the plan bigger or upgrading and sometimes there may need to be a structural change when modifying the plans.

These costs are a direct reflection of the change, we do not charge extra just because it is different.

How much should I take resale into consideration when I make changes?

It is always a great idea to think about resale of the design. You may plan to live in it forever, but plans can change. You also want to make sure you aren’t over or under capitalising for the area.

Will you let me know if I’m making a bad decision?

We are very open and honest on our professional opinion. At the end of the day it is your home, we will advise you at every step, and we also make sure if we see any issue with function, we communicate it with you and try to give an alternative.

What is one common change (or reason for change) people like to make?

Wow, a whole range of changes. It can be from personal preference, to making a design fit the block better, to extra storage, to bigger bedrooms.

A common one, could be that dream shower and bathroom, or that dream extra big kitchen, or to take in the view. Why have a design or a home that does not take advantage of best part of the land and positioning?

Can you give me an example of a successful change a client has made to a design?

We have just handed over a Wildflower 216 Skillion Façade. The owners in this case had a few ideas and changes they wanted to make, both for cultural and personal reasons.

Firstly, they took out the Childs Retreat because their kids are grown and would not use the area. This allowed them to use the space to have a bigger Walk In Pantry, which is a dream of anyone who loves to cook. It also allowed them to have some extra linen cupboards for storage.

In doing this, they also had room to put a feature piece in at the front entry. A statue, to have on show for all to see. We also turned this design into a split-level design, to suit the block better.

We not only change the design, but we added a little something special for them also. A small gold charm, placed under the slab before it was poured, to bless the home and bring good luck and good fortune.

It is the small touches like this one, that made this, for them, not just a house, but a home.

Happy Handover of the Modified Wildflower 216:

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