Canberra’s Anything But Standard Inclusions

Canberra’s Anything But Standard Inclusions

Fully Loaded Inclusions

“Inclusions are all of the tangible and non-tangible items that are included in the build cost of a home, aside from the structural and base build,” says VJ and Jou from Stroud Homes Canberra.

At Stroud Homes Canberra, all of their homes are pre-priced with standard inclusions to take the guesswork, in terms of costs and look, out of building your new home.

“We call this our ‘Fully Loaded Inclusions’, which includes an extensive, quality range of fittings, colours and finishes so your new home is tailored to suit your tastes,” explains the team from Stroud Homes Canberra.

At Stroud Homes, Its All Included

What are the benefits of having pre-priced inclusions?

Pre-priced inclusions provide you with the benefit of knowing what your upfront costs associated with building a new home will be, in addition to the actual base build, which can add up very quickly! It also allows you to determine the total build amount you may need to borrow from the bank.

In addition to this, banks/lenders at this time are more frequently requiring fixed-priced quotes from builders/borrowers prior to offering unconditional loan approvals. This is where Stroud Homes’ pre-priced inclusions and fixed-priced quotes can assist in that process.


Can you tell me about your experience hearing from clients who have been burned in the past by other builders?

At Stroud Homes Canberra, we often hear from clients and other people who have been through the build process and been provided with a “quote” only to be surprised by additional costs during and before the end of the build.

This is why pre-priced inclusions and fixed-priced quotes are so important and offer reassurance to our clients.

With so many wonderful inclusions in the list, are there any that stand out for your Stroud Homes Canberra clients?

Probably the most standout inclusions, where we receive a positive reaction out of our clients from, are the range of colours and finishes included in our Fully-Loaded Inclusions list.

Although considered “standard”, it really allows them to customise the look and feel of their new spaces.

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What inclusion do you think is most important for a good build and a happy client?

Just like it takes many ingredients to make a cake, it really takes a well-selected range of inclusions to make a home “feel like home” and function both practically and aesthetically as it should.

So, while there are many impressive inclusions in our list, no particular could be considered the most important and happy clients are the result of a total experience.

Stroud’s standard inclusions are of a higher quality than other builders, can you give me an example?

Stroud Homes’ standard inclusions include many premium quality and well-known brands ranging from PGH Bricks, Westinghouse, Quantum Quartz, Polytec, Wattyl, Rinnai, Daikin, Colourbond, Invisi-Guard – and the list go on – who we work very closely with to obtain the best prices and services possible for our clients.

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Which room do people like to splash out on with your premium upgrades?

To further customise the look and feel of their new home, our clients have the option to choose from our premium range of upgrades or opt for an allowance towards their own selections.

The kitchen and bathroom are often the rooms that people will opt for premium upgrades in.

Ancora double storey display home

What feature do they usually upgrade?

Most often premium upgrades are splashed out on accessories in the kitchen and bathroom, which can really give a greater sense of uniqueness and sometimes greater functionality to those spaces.

Bench tops are one popular upgrade in the kitchen. For the “entertainers”, as another example, a premium commercial-type cooktop upgrade is a must and worth the additional expense for those who love to cook and entertain.

Our clients definitely have many fantastic standard and premium upgrades choices available to them!

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If you’d like to get in touch with Canberra builder VJ, give him a call on 02 6280 7286 or fill in the form below.

VJ Tran
VJ Tran