Casey – The Place To Be!

Casey – The Place To Be!

The City of Casey has a current population of 288,000 with 300,000 expected by the year 2017. It’s  already the largest populated city in the state of Victoria and the way things are headed it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Figures from the Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) predict Casey will grow to 400,000 within 15 years.

Cranbourne and Clyde are two areas that are already under residential development and will continue to grow in the coming years. The MPA figures show the Clyde Creek area will have nearly 14,000 houses and provide 7500 jobs in the next 20 years. The Thompsons Rd area will get more than 6000 houses and 8900 jobs and Casey Fields another 1460 houses.

There is that much land and opportunity in the City of Casey – why not look into building a new Stroud Home?

Stroud Homes has a home suitable for any family, whether it be a first home, a growing family home, if you want grandparents close why not look into an attached granny flat. We’ve got acreage homes, duplex and of course double storey homes to easily fit on a narrow block.

Seven New Estates in Cranbourne/East-Clyde to Choose From

Seven estates are now under development across the Cranbourne East-Clyde area alone — Livingston, Mayfield, Selandra Rise, Parks Edge, Pasadena, Highgrove and Ramlegh Springs — with more up and coming.

Stroud Homes are your Local New Home Experts

If you’re wanting to move in to Casey give us a call on 1300554887 or email [email protected] we can help you source land in the area or your estate of choice, then match it up with one of our impressive homes to fit the block, your budget, your family and your future. We are a local Casey family building homes for existing and new residents to come.

The Cranbourne-Clyde region is only a pocket of our great city that we at Stroud Homes Casey call home.

Drop into our display office at 1 Clyde Rd Berwick for a coffee and a chat – let us show you how one of our functional 60+ Stroud Home designs will make a house feel like home.