Changes: Can I Make Them?

Changes: Can I Make Them?

Making changes to our designs

Building a home can be one of the biggest and most costly decisions you’ll ever make in your life. That’s why it’s worth asking the right questions so that you can create the home of your dreams.

Caleb Townsend from Stroud Homes Casey has answered some of the most frequently asked questions on making changes to a Stroud Homes home design.

Am I allowed to make changes to a Stroud Homes home design?

Absolutely! ‘One size fits all’ means that buyers are compromising to fit the seller and that is not how we operate. Especially when it comes to one of the biggest purchases of their lives, we want to get it right.

We understand everyone have different tastes, cultures and daily needs so this is why we are more than happy to customise the plan to suit the buyer.

If I want to make changes, who do I talk to?

Generally, people start off with one of our plans just making minor adjustments to robe sizes, ensuite layout, bigger or smaller windows and alfresco to suit their needs.

However, we also have clients fitting on Granny Flat attachments, triple garages, including disabilities needs and shrinking or increasing the overall size of the home to fit on the block or to fit their budget.

Firstly, we suggest that you have a chat with the whole family about the changes you’d like to make, if it suits your needs then come speak with one the friendly Stroud Homes Design specialists.

We will look into the Council requirements, functionality of the changes and most cost-effective ways to carry out the changes. We can pretty much do anything at this stage and it’s a free service!

The Aston 208 with triple garage add on

Will I get to see new house plans with the changes I’ve requested?

At Stroud Homes Casey, Caleb will go through the initial meeting with the clients then make the changes accordingly in-house. We won’t move forward unless the clients is 100% happy with what they see.

Lauren & David receiving the keys to their new Avoca 247!

If I make changes to the design, will it affect the cost?

The clients will either receive a discount or only pay for extra materials, there’s no hidden mark up to price.

How much should I take re-sale into consideration when I make changes?

People commonly make the mistake of over considering the resale and compromise on what is important to them at this point of time. Like I mentioned before, everyone have slightly different tastes and needs, you will never know what buyers will want 10-15 years down the track.

What is one common change (or reason for change) people like to make?

Us Aussies love the great outdoors! Entertaining friends and family whenever we can. This is one thing we all have in common so, our most popular request seems to be people looking for a bigger Alfresco or outdoor entertaining area.

Since our Alfresco and Verandah is concreted and under the roofline, you could be sharing the joy all year round.


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