Changing It Up For Casey Families

Changing It Up For Casey Families

Talking to Caleb from Stroud Homes Casey, the conversation turned to family homes, which they’ve been building a lot of lately.

“Our customers tend to have a minimum of 2 kids, usually 3 kids, the parents are in their 40s and it’s their third home,” Caleb says.

“They know what they want, they’ve got a specific request and they’re not afraid to tell you.”

While Stroud have several functional, and even award winning home designs to choose from, home buyers in Melbourne’s south east often change the plans a little, making sure this home is the dream home they’ve always wanted.

Caleb finds it interesting to hear the clever suggestions some people come up with.

“Generally, they want walk in robes for the kids’ bedrooms, sometimes ensuites for the kids’ bedrooms too.

“They also want the separation, so parents up one end, kids down the other.”

For the larger, acreage designs where you have room for additions, there have been third garages added to a few builds.

But even for smaller blocks of land there have been requests out of the usual.

“For regular home designs, they want small things like little creature comforts; sound proofing the walls in the media room, extra downlights, recessed doors in the slab, outdoor BBQs, etc.”

People have been building up with two storey homes, but not so much for the sake of gaining more space.

“With all the double storeys we’re doing, they’re actually trying to capture views.”

“It’s not because they have a small block, they’re just trying to capture the views, and there can be some nice views in this area.”

Are you looking to build a family home you can be proud of?

There are a number of house and land packages available in Melbourne’s south east, or if you have a block of land in mind you can talk to the people at Stroud Homes Casey about what they can do for you.

Drop in to the display centre to see our designs, the high quality standard inclusions that come with all Stroud Homes, or simply call on 03 9768 9947.