Choosing a hot water system

Choosing a hot water system

The Ultimate Hot Water System and the Best Value Hot Water System

In this post we’re recommending an Ultimate hot water system and a Best Value hot water System. The Ultimate hot water system is the best hot water money can buy with the least environmental impact. When choosing the ultimate system price is no object.

The best value hot water system is the best hot water you can get for the least amount of money.

Note that we are recommending a type of system – not a particular brand make or model.

Hot Water Systems compared

When choosing a hot water system we compared the most common hot water systems on the market today:

  • Solar with Electric Boost
  • Solar with Gas Boost
  • Gas Instant
  • Heat Pump
  • Electric

What we considered  when choosing a hot water system

The main things to consider when choosing a hot water system are:

  • The purchase and installation cost
  • The running cost i.e. the cost of energy
  • The environmental impact i.e. greenhouse gas emissions of the hot water system
  • The ability to provide hot water all year long without running out

Choosing a Hot Water System – what we recommended

Choosing-a-hot-water-system-Solar_GasBoost-UltimateThe Ultimate Hot Water System – Solar with Gas Boost

This is the best hot water system money can buy. It is the most expensive to buy and install but has the lowest ongoing running costs. It is the most environmentally friendly option and even though it has a storage tank  you will never run out of hot water due to the gas boost.

Choosing-a-hot-water-system-Gas-Instant-BestValueThe Best Value Hot Water System – Gas Instant

Cheap to buy and provides continuous hot water as long as you have gas. Gas is cheaper than electricity and burning it releases fewer greenhouse gases than using electricity generated by burning coal.