Choosing Your Colours Scheme At Stroud Homes Melbourne North

Choosing Your Colours Scheme At Stroud Homes Melbourne North

Colour consultant Nadelle Scott from Stroud Homes Melbourne North talked to us about what her job entails and how she successfully helps clients realise their dreams.

With 10 years’ experience and a Certificate IV in Interior Decoration, Nadelle is well equipped to help Stroud Home buyers choose both their external and internal fittings and fixtures.

Two Hour Colour Consultation

Once a client purchases their home with Stroud Homes Melbourne North and chooses the Fully Loaded Inclusions package, an appointment with Nadelle comes next.

During this two-hour meeting, Nadelle helps clients choose a colour scheme that suits their personal taste and integrates with their home design and surrounding environment.

With her guidance, clients get to make exciting decisions like choosing cabinet & benchtop colours and external bricks and roof coverings.

Stroud Selection Studio 1

Complete Colour Scheme

Designing a complete colour scheme can be, “Super overwhelming as it’s tricky for people to visualise.” And that is why Nadelle is there to help. With Nadelle’s experience and talent, she can visualise what the selections will look like and point her clients in the right direction for their new home.

Nadelle says, “I tell them at the start of the appointment that I will always let them know what I think will work, but at the end of the day it is their decision.”

Stroud Selection Studio 3
Stroud Homes Selection Studio

Neutral Palette

Nadelle likes to steer her clients towards a neutral palette throughout the house. “If everything is neutral then they can work around that and add colour with artwork, cushions and décor in the house,” Nadelle says.

Nadelle doesn’t like her clients to be limited later on and is always thinking about the house’s future and whether it’s a forever home or a step on the property ladder.

At the end of the day, Nadelle wants her clients to be happy in their home and pleased with their choices.

“With Stroud, their standard range is already an upgrade from what other builders have and so far all of our clients have been really happy.”

Stroud Selection Studio 2

If you’re interested in building a home with Stroud Homes Melbourne North, they’d love to hear from you. Give them a call on 03 5787 1239.