Choosing Your Perfect Home Design

Choosing Your Perfect Home Design

The process of finding the right home design

Here at Stroud Homes we have many standard floor plans to suit almost everyone’s needs, however when choosing the layout of your very own home over purchasing what someone else has already built, we know you may want to make some changes or even design your own.

To make this process easier we have a full-time building designer available to help the process of turning your ideas into a functional home.

Considerations for planning your home design

When you are looking through homes and designs to start drawing up your very own home there are a few things to consider, guaranteeing you will avoid mistakes you cannot change after the home is built.

1. Biggest is not always best

Bigger homes will always cost more to build and harder to keep cool in summer and warm in winter, not to mention the length of time to clean the home.

To help reduce the costs of running a home year-round, consider how big each room needs to be to serve its purpose, and keep in mind rooms can be a generous size without being oversize.

2. Think of the block your building on

Use the site to your advantage, another great way to avoid unnecessary running costs is to position the home in the best orientation. Ensuring windows will capture summer breezes and cross ventilation and the living areas and alfresco will maximise the winter sun.

Think about the possibilities of retaining or split-level designs to save on additional site costs.

We offer an obligation free site evaluation with a written construction report to help map out your dream home.

3. Flexibility in your design

Think about the future and the fact that children grow up and lifestyles change, while you want your baby close to you now will you want a teenager in a bedroom right next to the master suite?

Consider multi-purpose rooms that can be used as a rumpus room now but may be a teenage retreat as they grow. Also think of bedroom locations and proximity to entertaining areas and accessible bathrooms for guests.

Kentucky 304 Floor Plan

The Kentucky 304 Floor Plan

4. Storage solutions

Nobody ever complains about having too much storage. Often an afterthought, storage is very important to hide clutter and chaos in your home.  Use storage to your advantage in your design and turn it into a design feature.

5. Picture it with your furniture

Make sure your considering what furniture will go in each room and how it will fit. Think about your furniture and how you might place it in each room.

With open plan living areas and expansive glass doors and windows, make sure your leaving enough space for your TV, lounge, dining table and any other items you wish to display.

Our award winning display home

Congratulations to all the team at Stroud Homes Brisbane South, our New Beith Display Home is the proud regional award winner of ‘Best use of steel frame housing’. Come and check it out for yourself, we are open 9am to 5pm every day, even Saturdays and Sundays.

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