Clever Storage Solutions

Clever Storage Solutions

Meeting our Customers’ Needs

Jason Till from Stroud Homes Brisbane West and Stroud Homes Ipswich understands his clients and what they need and want from their new home.

From drop zones to customisation, Jason explains how his team can best accommodate your storage needs.

Jason Till Brisbane West Customer Handover

How important is storage to your Stroud Homes Brisbane West and Ipswich clients?

Extremely! Having somewhere to put everything is vital for most of our clients. There are always things we want to hang on to but don’t want them on display – hence why storage is a necessity!

What storage solution is in the Standard Inclusion range for bedrooms?

We have built-in robes to all our bedrooms, which means you don’t have to waste valuable bedroom floor space getting a standalone wardrobe or hanging space.

Having a walk-in robe used to be the height of luxury, now most Stroud Homes designs feature them in their master bedrooms. Do you think this is what your customers expect?

It’s not necessarily expected but it is certainly appreciated when we let our clients know that the walk-in robe is included as standard!

Walk in wardrobe in Wildflower Alpine Display

What are your premium upgrade options for Robes?

Premium upgrades for the robes can be just about anything, we can include additional shelving, drawers, hangers, different sliding doors. Whatever you would like to add to your robe, we can make it happen!

The kitchen is another room which requires a lot of organisation. Can you customise your kitchen to suit your needs?

We have a well thought out standard cabinetry plan for each of our designs – but that doesn’t mean you can’t customise to suit your exact wants and needs.

If you want extra drawers, cupboards, bench space, deeper drawers or anything else, just let us know and we can arrange for that to happen.

Spacious kitchen in Waterlily design

Do most of your clients in Brisbane West and Ipswich expect Butler’s Pantries and Walk In Pantries now?

Most of our clients expect a walk-in pantry, and most would really love to have a butler’s pantry.

Some of our designs include these as standard, but we can also customise any of our designs that don’t have them as standard to make sure they are included in your new build.

Butler's Pantry in Display Home Eztra

If a client would like built in storage in their media rooms, living room etc. can you facilitate this?

Absolutely, we can include storage solutions to just about anywhere in our client’s homes. Anything from built in shelves, to cabinets in bulk heads and even in-slab safes. We can do it all.

Do you think a mudroom/drop zone is the next big ‘want’ for new homes?

Drop zones are becoming more and more popular, so much so that we have included one in our brand-new Waterlily 256 display home at Springfield.

Our clients love the one spot that you have to walk past on your way out the door, so you never forget your phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses or anything you had in your pockets yesterday!

Is it true your double garage can fit two cars and leave room for storage?

Yes, our double garages are a generous 5.8m by 6.0m and we can even help with storage solutions in the garage too. In recent builds we have even extended garages to fit 3 or more cars in! Take a look at some of our garage add-ons:

What do you think is the best advice for anyone planning storage in their new home?

Have a think about your pet peeves or anything around your house now that just doesn’t have a good ‘home’.

When designing your new home make sure you put in enough storage for everything you have as it is far easier to have storage built in during the build rather than trying to add it in later.

What terrific advice! If you’d like to talk to the team about building a new hoe with plenty of wonderful storage inside, drop the Brisbane West team a line on 07 3450 9857 or fill in the form below.

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