Communication Is Key In 2018

Communication Is Key In 2018

Adam Paradowski Stroud Homes Melbourne North WestThis year has started with a bang for Adam Paradowski and the team at Stroud Homes Melbourne North West. “We came back early as it was so busy,” Adam tells us.

After receiving a lot of enquiries over the Christmas break, with two of those leading to sales, the team are well on the way to completing their 2018 goal of achieving 16 to 18 sales.


“Quality and communication,” is what sets Adam and his team apart from other builders in Melbourne’s North West. Adam believes that a lack of communication, whether it be good or bad news, is where many builders go wrong.

In order to deliver better customer service, Adam is using the smartphone app Voxer. Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows you to send live and recorded audio, photos and voice to text transcriptions.

Using this system, Adam’s clients will not only receive a weekly update but they might also receive photos and texts during the week. Adam says, “Everyone seems to think it’ a great way to communicate.”

Building Process

Throughout the building process, customers are welcome to five or six visits throughout the build. Adam understands that some customers need more support during the building process so he is happy to help guide them.

“People get scared and intimidated. We try and tell them that the hardest bit is getting to Slab Stage 1. From then on we’ll keep it as stress free as we can for you,” says Adam.

Booming Sunbury

Sunbury makes up one part of the ground the Stroud Homes Melbourne North West team service and at the moment the area is “booming”. Sunbury’s population hit 40,000 after 18 per cent growth over the last 10 years and this number is set to skyrocket.

The Victorian Planning Authority have plans that will see 20,000 new homes built, four extra town centres and two more train stations to be built in the area over the next 20 to 30 years. Sunbury has certainly been discovered and Adam believes now is a good time to start buying in this area.

If you’d like to talk to Adam and his team about building in Melbourne North West, they’d love to talk to you. Give them a call on 0418 555 149 or 0418 324 344 and stay tuned for details about their new display home.