The Importance of Good Communication

The Importance of Good Communication

Andrew Barraclough Stroud Homes Cardinia

Andrew talks about Communication

Strong communication is extremely important to Andrew Barraclough from Stroud Homes Cardinia. In fact, it was the strength of the Stroud Homes communication system that led to Andrew becoming part of the Stroud and Proud crew.

Take a look at why communication is so important to Andrew, his team and his clients.

Why did you decide to join the Stroud team?

Before selecting to jump on-board with the Stroud Homes team I approached a few of the high street builders. As an engineer I pragmatically assessed each one on their individual merits. Whilst others have good systems in place, the Stroud systems and culture were for me a better fit.

Client and internal communication as the manager of the Cardinia team is a very important factor when building a high volume of homes, a year. I have seen too many times, smart experienced people working harder and harder in a business. Unbeknownst to them the busier they get the more chaotic their processes to become.

Creating efficiencies with communication in the residential building business not only leads to better communication, happier clients, but my team are less stressed, and we can achieve a lot more within our work week. I can not stress better communication enough to my team.

Our clients all love that we communicate so much throughout the build process. Even though some are resistant to start using our Voxer app, but after the first week, 100% of clients start getting very involved and find their questions are answered faster and 100% of the time.

Our Friday phone calls are a hit also. We communicate about the previous week, what is planned for the next week and some of the wins/problems we are facing. I have a philosophy that it is not always about the problem, but how we fix it.

Choosing a Builder

How to Choose Your Builder Geelong

What should people who haven’t built before look for when choosing a builder?
  • Look at the inclusions listed in the quote;
  • Make sure the site costs are included.
What do other builders tend to get wrong when building a home?
  • Communication, communication, communication;
  • Missed items in the quote or contract and they try and recover their losses in variations.
What’s the secret to a happy building experience?
  • Communication, communication, communication;
  • Trust us we have a lot of years building beautiful homes, and we are genuinely excited to be handing over your dream homes.
What do you think is essential for a home in 2018?
  • Having a home that has a low carbon footprint, one that is efficient, 6-Star + rated, and is a home that is suited to your lifestyle.

If you’d like to talk about building your new home in the future, give them a call on 03 5940 4999 or fill in the form below.

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