Confidence Built In with Stroud Homes Brisbane West

Confidence Built In with Stroud Homes Brisbane West

Our Building Guarantees

Building a new home is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. But it can also be a stressful period in your life prior to getting the keys, not knowing when things are happening or wondering if there are any unforeseen costs.

Stroud Homes ensures you peace of mind throughout the entire building process by offering you black and white quotes so you know there are no hidden costs, plus industry-best build times so you’ll move into your new home faster.

The sooner you are into your own home, the sooner you can stop paying rent and interest rates.

With a guaranteed construction timeline, every stage is delivered on time, as promised, so the only thing you need to worry about is booking your removalists.

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What happens if the home has not reached practical completion as defined in the contract?

In the event we do happen to miss the practical completion date, we count the days between contract completion date and when it was actually reached.

We then pay you $50 per extra day that was required to reach practical completion.

How long does it take to build larger and smaller homes? Is there a building time guarantee?

Yes, we have a set build time for all of our homes. For each 10m2 over 300m2 we add and additional day. So for example, a 400m2 home would take us 16 weeks + 10 days.

Some other non-standard items such as pools and sheds may also take a bit longer than the 16 weeks, but we can provide a build time guarantee in the quoting stage.

Can you explain Stroud Homes structural guarantee?

We only use Australia’s top suppliers and manufacturers to ensure you get the best quality and warranties on your new home and all its features.

As part of this we include a 7-year structural warranty and 25-year frame guarantee.

What does Stroud Homes Worry-free Guarantee mean?

Our worry-free guarantee means that if at any point throughout our preliminary agreement process, you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we will give you your entire preliminary agreement amount back, plus any work we have already completed for you.

This ensures that all Stroud Homes customers walk away happy, every time.

Can you tell me about the other guarantees you offer at Stroud Homes?

We have plenty of other guarantees as a part of how we build new homes at Stroud!

We make sure that you will be constantly kept up to date with a phone call every week while your home is in construction.

We can also offer fixed price quotes and contracts, to make sure there are no hidden surprises for you throughout the build!


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