Confidence In The Right Home Builder

Confidence In The Right Home Builder

There are several builders in the market and sometimes it can get tricky when value is overlooked by the price shown. Choosing a builder can be daunting but with these 8 helpful tips, you’ll have confidence you’ve chosen the right builder.

Compare Builders

Once you have selected your handful of potential builders, find your desired home plan and compare all written quotes. Take note of the crucial building steps such as; soil tests, site works and standard inclusions. Compare the value before the price. Most builders will quote a very low price then hit you with “hidden costs” along the way.

Build Time

How long is the entire process, from signing the contract to handing over the keys to your new home? Can the builder provide you with a guaranteed timeline for construction? Keeping in mind potential delays from weather etc.

Quality Guarantee

From building materials to final inspection, ask your potential builder how they guarantee quality. What quality brands do they use in their homes? Do they conduct their own final inspections or do they have an independent inspector that provides a quality assurance inspection report?

Perfect Plans

Everyone has the perfect bathroom or kitchen they’ve always wanted. Does your potential builder offer flexibility to change plans and make your home “feel like home”? What changes are you entitled to and what costs are involved when amending plans?

Customer Service

Building a home can be one of the biggest investments in your life, therefore, you want to have confidence and trust in who your builder is. Every time you speak to the building company are they delivering customer service? Are you happy with the way they speak and present themselves?

Standard Inclusions

Some builders will have very basic inclusions to keep the quoted price down but end up charging you for “extra items” later down the track. Compare all standard inclusions from each builder and ensure you are getting exactly what you’re paying for.

Local Builders

Do you know who is behind the scenes building your home? Ask the builder if they use local businesses or larger companies. You may be supporting people who live and work in your local community without even knowing!

Hassle free build process

Building a home can become stressful. Ask your potential builder how they ensure a hassle free process? Are you provided with the Supervisor’s contact details?

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