Coronavirus Notice update – Business as usual

Coronavirus Notice update – Business as usual

Making changes to our processes and practices

As the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is felt across Australia and around the world, Stroud Homes is working hard to continue business as usual and wants to reassure clients that their builds are set to proceed.

However, there are some processes and practices that will have to change.

“We are implementing processors to ensure we can continue as normal as possible for the coming weeks and months,” says Lisa Adams of Stroud Homes Brisbane East.

“In our office and Display Home, we are cleaning a minimum of three times a day. We are open to have personalised Display Home visits and we are moving to more online services with our clients such as meetings via Zoom.”

Find out more how business will continue moving forward through these challenging times:

Will there be any changes in your business practices moving forward?

Along with the rest of Australia, we are taking every day as it comes and ensuring we are complying with all government regulations.

At this point in time, we are still open for business as normal. If the time comes, we are able to work from home, and have everything we need to assist clients.

On site, we are still working and moving forward as normal for the time being.

How are you making sure your employees are safe while still working?

We are following all guidelines at this time, including social distancing and safe hygiene practices.

Being a small family business, we generally only have a couple of people in our office at any given time, so we have plenty of space.

We are also cleaning several times a day, and have masks and hand sanitiser available for meetings.

How are you communicating with clients during social distancing? What technologies are you using?

We are mainly using an online program called Zoom. This is similar to Skype and we love it because it allows us to share everything we need with our clients.

We can talk to each other, we can see each other and they can also see our computer screen on theirs. This is vital to be able to talk through drawings, colours, ideas, quotes, and keep each other on the same page.

We also have our main messaging app called Voxer. Here we can share text messages, voice messages, photos and videos to keep everyone informed.

We have a lot of practise with this already. We have built a few homes now where the client lives completely overseas. All communication has been via these programs and emails.

Can you reassure clients who have started their build, or are in the process of starting their build, that they will proceed as usual?

At this point in time, we are all systems go. But I believe the best mentality right now for our work place is to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”.

We are prepared to tackle every challenge put before us!

If clients feel worried, who can they contact to ask questions and get more information?

Anyone looking to speak with us and to talk through the situation is more than welcome to call any of us at any time.

David and I are always available to talk and can be reach on 07 3416 4839. Matt is onsite every day and is in contact with all clients each week.

Feel free to send us an online inquiry to organise a personalised Display Home visit at 10B/3352 Pacific Highway, Springwood QLD 4127

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