Creating The Best Lifestyle

Creating The Best Lifestyle

Your Dream Home and Pool

A swimming pool can be a great addition to your new home, especially when you call the Northern Rivers region home. Although a pool is considered a luxury, it can also feel a bit like a necessity during those long, hot months.

Stroud Homes Northern Rivers Builders – and pool owners – Matt and Nicky Lowson know just how wonderful it is to not only build your dream home but, also your dream pool.

Stroud Homes Northern Rivers HIA Winner Home

Nicky talks to Bali Pools owner Ash about why planning both house and pool together is a great idea – for you and for your family.

Why is it a great advantage to coincide the building of your pool and your new Stroud Homes home?

We work with Stroud Homes and their customers to get the right Swimming pool for their land and what they want to achieve. There are advantages with having it all on the plans and paperwork going to council for approvals.

We work out when is best to start in co-operation with the house build as timing and access needs consideration to all run smoothly.

I think the dream backyard has always included a pool, why do you think they are so popular in the Northern Rivers area?

I think the dream of the new home with a pool is very much alive still and we have great weather in the region to get good use of pools most of the year.

Ballina Display Home Pool

What kind of pool seems to be the most popular for today’s family?

Your rectangular pool is still the most widely built pool. Finishes have improved with lighting, interior colours and the use of water features has become popular too, all to create some great looking pools.

Some people may be worried about the upkeep of a pool, what’s your advice to building a pool that has little ongoing costs and little maintenance?

Using fully automated filtering systems, mineral water pools and specific equipment can create a low maintenance pool.  Occasional vacuum and water testing are recommended, and you can always get a local pool company to do this for you.

Pool Design from Stroud Homes

Pool Safety has come a long way, how do your customers know they are getting an approved complete package with all safety requirements?

A final inspection will not certify a pool unless all regulations and safety requirements have been completed to satisfaction.

The glass pool fencing is the most popular used and is a safe and visually preferred product for your modern pool.

Wildflower 256 with pool

Why Bali Pools?

We believe our products and finishes of the pools we can offer are appealing, modern and keeping our customers happily swimming in their pools longer.

You have a range of choices in features, pool covers, fencing and colours and lighting. We can design the pool of your dreams and together with Stroud Homes create a great lifestyle for your family to enjoy as soon as you move in.

Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? If you’d like to chat to the team from Stroud Homes Northern Rivers about building a beautiful home and pool for your family, give the team a call on 1300 699 392.

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