Daikin Air Conditioning – 50 Years in the Making

Daikin Air Conditioning – 50 Years in the Making

50 years of Air Conditioning

Technology has come a long way in Australia over the past 50 years, a big stand out in building would have to be the evolution of air conditioning.

Way back in 1969 Daikin introduced water-cooled packaged air conditioners, at the time this was revolutionary, finally your family could sit together all huddled up in front of this cooling unit that only took up half the lounge room. But then it just sat here throughout winter building dust.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Finally, in the late 90’s homes started to be filled with wall mounted split system’s, and most electricity bills skyrocketed due to the amount needed to cool the home enough for most average sized families.

The opening of Daikin’s first Australian full scale manufacturing facility in the early 2000’s saw them start to expand their thinking of ways to produce systems to withstand our Aussie climate.

Then introducing a 7-star energy efficient split system air conditioner to the Australian market in 2013 was an achievement that saw Daikin strive to produce the most efficient Ducted System on the market.

This year Daikin is excited to grow their local footprint even further, with products now officially bearing Australian Made Certification.

Day/Night Ducted Air Conditioning

2019 has also seen the launch of a new Ducted Air Conditioning concept, the Day/Night System.

Being 40% less expensive to not only purchase but to install and run. This system allows a more focused use of your ducted features.

Being able to cool or heat your home depending on the time of year is just the beginning, now you can choose two separate zones for the time of day, night, sleep cycles of your lifestyle or simply to focus on smaller areas individually.

Now you won’t be cooling or heating your kitchen while everyone is tucked up in bed or the bedrooms during the day while the kids are at school. With this new day/night system you have flexibility and economy and uninterrupted comfort while saving on running costs.

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