Discovering Site Costs

Discovering Site Costs

What are site costs?

If you’ve never built before, you may not know what these costs are, let alone what they might mean to your build.

“Site costs are the potential additional costs, that may significantly affect the build cost for the beginning stages of a home build,” explains VJ and Jou from Stroud Homes Canberra.

Site costs factor in a range of price variances due to soil type, slope of the land and the requirement of additional services that are needed to help build your home – to just name a few.

That all might sound a little over whelming but don’t fear, these potential costs can be exposed and uncovered during your free Stroud Homes Canberra site inspection.

Site Inspection

A site inspection is the perfect time to uncover potential site costs. Even before you make an offer on your prospective land, it is always a good idea to arm yourself with knowledge about just how much it cost to prepare your land for building on.

“A site inspection is definitely an important and essential process to complete. Additionally, Stroud Homes offers free, no obligation site evaluations to our clients and potential clients, so take advantage of this invaluable service.”

The Importance of Soil Testing

During a site inspection many different factors can be assessed in order to help you avoid potential and unexpected costs during your build process.

One way the team ensures this is by engaging in formal soil and contour tests. “Soil tests, which is a service we provide through our soil specialists, are essential to determine safety and structural factors, and potential costs for our clients.” These results are then factored into the Preliminary Agreement.

Canberra Costs

Being an older city, there are some factors for us and our clients to think about when building in Canberra. “Considerations such as ‘fluffy’ block purchases – a popular choice for some of our clients – which can affect site costs as specialist management of asbestos-containing blocks must be undertaken.”

By engaging a builder, like VJ, who has an abundance of local building experience, you can be sure that he’ll bring his know-how of the terrain to your build.

And The Costs?

The team from Stroud Homes Canberra aim and achieve to get your site costs to you as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

“Tests, such as soil tests and contour tests, are completed in the early/beginning stages of designing or building a new home because it can essentially affect the type of home design you can build on your block.”

By including these tests and reports into the Preliminary Agreement, the team can quickly help you uncover potential site costs. “This will also help Stroud Homes Canberra to narrow down to a fixed-price quote for you!”

Would you like to set up a free site inspection for your next purchase? Want to understand more about site costs? Call VJ and Jou on 0410 031 351 or drop them a line on the form below.

VJ Tran
VJ Tran