Doing Things Differently In Sydney

Doing Things Differently In Sydney

While all Stroud Homes builders have years of experience in the building industry, Freddy from Sydney South West has also worked as a building and pest inspector.

This gives him the valuable insight of seeing how different building methods can affect a home over the years as it ages.

Last month we covered how Freddy’s experience with termite damage led to his preference for building homes with steel frames, but now we’re going to look at some of the other things he does differently based on this experience.


Changing up the order

The first thing he likes to point out is he has some of his trades do things in a different order to most builders.

“We’re of the belief that the kitchen should go in after the tiles, and the timber skirting should go on after the floor tiles have been done,” Freddy says.

“If you put your kitchen and your skirting in first, it’s a lot faster, but I’d rather take the extra week, annoy my tiler slightly, and do the right order of things just to get a nicer finish at the end.”

Having seen water damage in old skirting boards and kitchen cabinets, he’s seen people have to redo whole sections of their floor, increasing the time and cost of what could be, simple repairs.

By putting the tiles down first, it makes these repairs much easier.

“Then if they do want to remodel the kitchen in 10 years, they can rip it apart and they’re not going to have to change the floors at the same time, it just makes life a bit easier for people in the future.”

From the top…

Knowing how much maintenance can be in store for home owners based on the materials used, Freddy will often encourage something that can cost a bit more now, saving you time and money in the future.

“My preference for metal roofs over concrete is a given, because you’ve got a lot less maintenance to deal with.

“Yes, tiles are cheaper and all the rage in Sydney, but they have the tendency to leak and break, which can be a big thing to deal with later.”

Extra ventilation throughout the house, especially the roof, can be another deterrent for termite activity, as it helps ensure materials remain fresh and don’t get damp and mouldy.

That’s why he’s such a big fan of Whirlybird Vents.

“Those things are a million bucks, I reckon, they’re worth their weight in gold if you pay the extra for them.

“The heat that they ventilate out would otherwise be trapped in your roof space.”

To the bottom…

It’s also important to ensure proper exposure of your slab.

“Not having any landscaping against the house walls for moisture reasons, which helps avoid damp and termites.”

And everything in-between

“I have a tendency to gravitate away from bricks now as well, and that’s just a power reason.”

As with his use of steel frames, Freddy isn’t stuck in his ways like some builders can be, so he’s willing to move on to a better product as the building industry evolves.

“People are doing these EIFS panels that are like a cement reinforced panel instead of bricks, so you’re getting faster built homes, still just as strong as brick, and your insulation is sometimes almost double to what you’d get with a brick home.”

Paddington 197 Skillion Façade

It’s this method of building a nice home for now and 20 years down the track, rather than something that just looks good at handover, that’s making Freddy stand out from other builders in Sydney.

But don’t take our word for it – catch up for a chat with Freddy in Kemps Creek.

You can find out about house and land packages available in Sydney, or what Freddy could do for your new home dreams by visiting the display centre or calling 1300 886 325.