Don’t Neglect Your Home During Winter!

Don’t Neglect Your Home During Winter!

Time for winter home maintenance

Winter is well and truly upon us, and it is hard to see the end of it and imagine summer ever coming back again. Before you lock yourself inside with the heater turned up, to wait out the cold weather, take some time to check your home’s exterior.

Metal surfaces

Make sure your gutters and drains are clear, after the crazy winds we have had lately there may be a bit of debris. This is a good time to check your roof for any cracks as well.

Clean any metal surfaces if you can see rust coming, if you do this now before it gets too bad you will be preventing any serious issues and expensive replacements.

Timber surfaces

Check for cracks in your timber, don’t forget window frames, doors, walls, decks, stairs and anywhere else your home has wood. Sealing these small cracks up now will ensure dry rot will not cause further damage.

If your home is a bit older and you want to avoid small problems getting worse in spring why not also make sure your exterior paint work is in good nick and even give the deck a fresh coat of stain or paint.

Doing these things now before the humidity comes back with a vengeance is guaranteed to save you a big repair bill in the future.

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