Don’t Sacrifice On Storage

Don’t Sacrifice On Storage

Storage Solutions

“Don’t sacrifice on your storage!” says Sarah Walters from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast.

From the little touches like making your built-in robes more practical to realising kitchen dreams to space saving storage cupboards, the team from Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast are on hand to ensure that your new home meets your expectations.

How important is storage to your Stroud Homes Sunshine Coast clients?

Honestly one of the most important aspects in a clients’ new home; more often than not the house they are living in doesn’t have enough storage! So it is usually at the forefront of their mind.

There is nothing worse than a beautiful new home with clutter everywhere because there is not enough room to keep all of your bits and pieces.

What storage solution is in the Standard Inclusion range for bedrooms?

Our standard inclusions have built-in robes to all bedrooms and walk-in-robes to most of the master bedrooms – dependent on the house design.

As a standard, built-in robes are fixed with a hanging rail with jumper shelf above, and finished with clean and sleek vinyl sliding doors.

A really popular and low-cost upgrade is to change even just one of the sliding doors to a mirror slider. This really opens up the feel of the bedroom with a reflective space aspect as well as providing a full height mirror for getting dressed!

Having a walk-in robe used to be the height of luxury, now most Stroud Homes designs feature them in their master bedrooms. Do you think this is what your customers expect?

While a walk-in robe has become a more common element of modern homes, clients are still a little bit excited about this luxury item; particularly the ladies – we always want more space!

What are your premium upgrade options for Robes?

Our premium upgrade options for robes include adding banks of shelving, banks of drawers, shoe racks and more.

We have built a few stone-top dressing tables within walk-in robes which have been a very luxurious touch however essentially, whatever the client is after – we can make it happen!

The kitchen is another room which requires a lot of organisation. Can you customise your kitchen to suit your needs?

There is a standard cabinetry design for each of our homes however this is always able to be tweaked to suit the clients’ wishes if they are after a particular layout.

It is best if this happens before construction commences to ensure that the clients’ kitchen dreams become a reality and nothing gets missed along the line.

Do most of your clients on the Sunshine Coast expect Butler’s Pantries and Walk In Pantries now?

Haha, yes! And this is definitely a new thing. A lot of our plans already have a walk-in pantry or Butler’s pantry included in the standard design however if not and the space permits, we will often try to squeeze one in.

On the smaller size town blocks available in the new estates often this is a luxury that is hard to fit in in such a small space, but we do what we can.

There are some really clever options available now with cabinetry such as pull-out shelving which helps create more space in smaller designs.

Is it true your double garage can fit two cars and leave room for storage?

This is true! We aren’t saying you can fit your entire life and two cars, but our garage designs are bigger than most.

If more space is needed, we can organise that too, take a look at some of our garage add-on options:

If a client would like built-in storage in their media rooms, living room etc. can you facilitate this?

Absolutely. The best and most space saving way would be to add in a built-in storage cupboard with a linen cupboard (four shelves) or broom cupboard (one top shelf with open space below) layout finished with vinyl sliders.

This style would allow the most space for both the room and the storage cupboard without intruding on the space within the room.

Do you think a mudroom or drop zone is the next big ‘want’ for new homes?

Yes! And currently living on acreage myself it is a must. Having somewhere to keep shoes, hats, raincoats, umbrellas, etc at close hand but also out of the way is definitely something that I think will make a comeback.

What do you is the best advice for anyone planning storage in their new home?

Don’t sacrifice on your storage- you will regret it! You are better off having too much storage than not enough. Nothing spoils that “brand new home” feeling more than unsightly clutter. Good luck.

If you are looking to build yourself a new house on the Sunshine Coast and would like more information, drop the Sunshine Coast team a line on 07 5444 2521.

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