Dual Living Designs Trending in Melbourne North

Dual Living Designs Trending in Melbourne North

Dual Living Options

A growing trend all across Australia is multi generational living, which often means parents are moving back in with their adult children, or children are staying with their parents but want more privacy.

According to Stroud Homes Melbourne North builder David Kirby, Victoria is no exception.

The building company has seen a growing trend in attaching granny flats to existing buildings, and clients requesting a home design which already accommodates for an attached dwelling.

Styles & Layout

“We have a lot of quite large blocks of land in the area and we get asked about granny flats quite a lot. I get more and more requests all the time,” says David.

Stroud Homes Melbourne North is experienced in building granny flats and is the only company in the area with already made plans and home designs accommodating for it.

“We can customize the granny flats to suit any requirements but we have a range of home designs that have granny flats attached to them already,” says David, but most home designs can be adapted and have a granny flat added to them if needed.”

The granny flats in the range contain one or two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and a living room area, and are a great option for accommodating older children, extended family, guests, boarders, or parents.

A selection of our Attached Granny Flats


Before building a home with a granny flat attachment, there are a few things to take into consideration.

David says that obtaining council approval for an extra dwelling on your land can sometimes be tricky and you, therefore, need to be aware of what your council will and will not allow.

“You need to look up what you’re allowed to build to make sure you’re not wasting your time with plans that are not likely to get through council,”

“I’ve met with most councils in the area I work in and established what they would find acceptable and wouldn’t. When I propose a plan or design it’s likely to get approved, or I’ll change it so it will get approved.”


Despite being a growing trend in Melbourne’s North, David has learnt over time that a lot of clients are not budgeting properly for the extra build.

“A lot of people are looking to build a granny flat but don’t necessarily have the budget for it.” he says.

“Essentially you’re adding two full kitchens and three or four bathrooms – those rooms are the most expensive rooms in the house.”

“When you add an extra kitchen and bathroom to your house it also adds considerable cost so you have to make sure to budget properly when considering a second dwelling.”

When deciding to build with Stroud Homes Melbourne North, David will meet with you as a client and sit down to figure out what it is that you want and what your budget will cover.

As soon as a basic layout is in place he will be able to give you an estimate on the price and try to accommodate your budget.

Stand Alone

The stand-alone granny flats are more popular in the area than the attached dwelling according to David, however, they’re a bit more tricky.

“Stand alone granny flats are more of a problem here in Victoria, they are harder to get a permit for as Council tend to want them to be Dependent Persons Units.”

Dependent Person Units need to be removable from the block of land within a couple of days, therefore it’s hard to get approval for a brick and concrete granny flat that can’t be removed David explains.

“The main thing is to talk to your Council to see what they’re likely to approve so you’re not wasting your time,”

“You really need to do that bit of research and also be aware of the budget implications.”

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