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Duality Of Building In Wollongong

Since opening in September last year, the team at Stroud Homes Wollongong have been busy with plenty of new home builds in the works.

We talked to Jarred about their more popular home designs and some of the twists people put on them.

“For us in this area one of the popular designs has been the Cammeray 306 duplex design, I thought it was interesting because most of the enquiries I expected to get would be for normal homes, but for a duplex a lot of people are interested in that one,” Jarred says.

While it’s quite a nice design, they had one detail oriented client who made quite a few changes that made the design even better.

“Other clients who are interested in that design have seen these changes and they’ve been interested in the way they’ve done that too.”

Once this modified duplex is complete we’ll do an article about those changes with photos of the finished product.

We asked Jarred if the popularity of duplex designs was to accommodate growing families.

“It’s 50/50 between those doing it as an investment, and those planning for family life.

“Our market down here is primarily younger people; first home buyers are buying a lot of land in the area, people who just can’t afford Sydney so they’re moving down this way.”

Another thing people have liked about Stroud Homes is our black and white quotes.

“They don’t have to worry about any extra expenses, I pretty much just tell people everything we discussed is included, minus landscaping and the fence.”

This is especially appealing for first home buyers as it takes the uncertainty out of a big financial decision.

“Especially when they’re going to the bank and they can have a chat and say they don’t have to worry about extra costs and what not.”

If you’re looking to build in the Wollongong area, whether it’s a duplex, something with a granny flat or a regular town home, drop into the display centre and talk to the Stroud team today.

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