Why a Duplex or a Dual Living Home is such a Sound Investment!

Why a Duplex or a Dual Living Home is such a Sound Investment!

We are all being told we have a growing/ageing population, right? House prices are heating up and some are saying the market is cooked and unsustainable.

Be this as it may all key stake holders have to address these naysayers with a dose of reality and common sense by providing multi-faceted residential housing options.

Duplexes and Dual Living Residences

Duplexes and Dual living residences are a great way of combating these market constraints. The signs are there, you can’t ignore the facts that kids are staying at home longer and many grandparents are moving in with their adult children to be close to the family and for more clinical economic reasons. Aged care facilities numbers are scarce and the appeal of this lifestyle isn’t as great as being with your extended family.

Cammeray 306 Duplex Coast Façade

Cammeray 306 Duplex Coast Façade

Land demand is great and developers are getting these DA (Development Application) approved sites included in their estates as they and the council see this as a way of addressing housing shortages and meeting the needs of families who wish to be close to each other.

We see some people buying both and living in one or renting out the other. Having the capacity to establish one or two titles, gives buyers a sense of clear direction how they wish to see their capital return eventuate.


Chez Duo 252 Dual Occupancy Floor Plan

Granny Flats or Duplexes?

Here at Stroud Homes Gold Coast we have seen a spate of our clients building attached granny flats. Self-supporting homes within a home where independence and security are assured. That’s just one way of being creative and addressing very real family and generational challenges at play today.


Kentucky 260 + Granny Flat Floor Plan

But, have you considered building a duplex? It’s not as hard as you think. Pick a site already development approved or allow a builder such as us to navigate the process through a professional town planner.


Jindabyne 336 Duplex Floor Plan

It’s also a very smart retirement fund strategy and all the while keeping those loved ones close and feeling part of the family unit. A duplex provides semi-closeness all wrapped up in the one building, you are essentially living in the same home but divided by a fire partition wall down the middle. It’s safe, secure and a very economical way of building two homes in one.

Building A Duplex

Please review this video on more about duplexes and building with Stroud Homes:

Investment Opportunities Southern Gold Coast

Did you know of the terrific opportunities right now in the southern end of the Gold Coast for these types of developments?

In these built-up areas of the Goldie land availability is scarce and the council and developers alike recognise the need to change the landscape by reclaiming some older home sites and building duplexes to service the demand from southern Gold Coast buyers.

See this insightful article on this very real Gold Coast phenomenon. Stroud Homes also do Knockdown rebuilds if you were wondering! Investment opportunities in Burleigh, Miami, Palm Beach, people wanting to own and live in duplexes: Gold Coast Bulletin – Investment Hotspots

So get on the phone right now and call the friendly team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast to start your duplex development project. Call 1300 669 938 or email [email protected]

It’s a solid investment in your family’s prosperous future!