Dynamic Duo Opening Brisbane North Office

Dynamic Duo Opening Brisbane North Office

Ben & Jace from Brisbane North chatting to James Stroud

Stroud Homes will soon have an office in North Lakes, with passionate builders Ben Rogers and Jace Keirnan looking after the growing Brisbane North housing market.

Bringing 13 years of experience in the building industry, Ben has worked as a carpenter for a number of years, has run his own business and operated as a sub contract builder.

Starting out as a bricklayer, Jace has been in the building industry for 11 years and now as a builder he’s enjoying building new homes that make people happy.

“I think the passion for both of us speaks for itself, we both want to be involved from the ground up,” Jace says.

They’re looking forward to opening up their office which is set for mid-November at this stage. You’ll be able to come in and see the quality of the finishings, taps & household items, colour charts and home designs to choose from.

You’ll also have the opportunity to talk to the boys about what you want from your home and what you’re building for, promising that there are no “silly questions” when you’re looking at your first home. They encourage first time home builders to take their time and make sure they’re happy with everything from the floor plan to the general functionality.

“You want a home to be nice and open so a family can comfortably live there,” Ben recommends.

When it comes to investment properties Ben and Jace are happy to change the plans and designs around to suit whatever block of land you’re building on. Once again they remind us that functionality is important.

“If the home is an investment it has to be family friendly to stay competitive in the rental market,” Ben says.

In fact, it’s the functionality and overall look of the home designs that initially attracted Ben and Jace to Stroud Homes.

“Stroud has some great home designs with really unique facades on the houses, that was something we wanted to be able to offer people as home builders,” Ben remembers.

Jace says “we both turned up and just said ‘this is it’, we knew Stroud was right for us.”

Presently the guys are talking to developers in the area to secure lots in new estates so they can offer some great house and land packages when their office opens in November. They’re really excited about what’s on offer in Capestone and Griffin Pocket.

Make sure you head down on opening day to meet Ben and Jace and talk about what you want from your new home.