Easing Building Concerns

Easing Building Concerns

After a really busy start to the year, the Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga team have slowed down a little as the winter weather rolls in.

“We’ve just come into a period now where I suppose it starts to quieten down a little bit, obviously with the weather we can’t do as much as it starts to rain on site,” Toby says.

We thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about concerns people often have when building a new home, from the contract to the weather and other delays.

Stroud Homes provides a number of building guarantees, including a structural guarantee and a 20 week build time in certain circumstances.

Build Time

“With our guarantee, obviously when people sign a contract we know roughly when we’re going to be starting, so we know what time of the year we’ll be doing the slab and what time of the year the roof will go up.

“We’ll put in a good estimate as to how long it will be – some builds will have 30 weeks in the contract because we do get really wet down here.

“I suppose we just don’t lie, we tell the truth and that’s the best we can do.”

For most people getting a new home built, the time factor comes down to how they need to plan the move, rather than who’s going to get the job done faster.

“It’s more along the lines of what they’re going to do with the house they’re trying to sell, where are they going to live if they sell the house early.”

That’s where building with someone who’s honest gives you a better opportunity to plan around the new home.


Taking out a mortgage and buying a new home is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make.

If you’ve never had a home built before, it can make the financial side of things all the more daunting.

“Some people don’t even know where to start, whether to go and organise their finance before they talk to a builder, or to talk to a builder and start doing plans to get the ball rolling.

“The first thing people should do is come straight in and talk to us, be honest about what they’re wanting to achieve and when they’re wanting to achieve it.

“Otherwise it can be confusing and a little bit of a time waster – they can get 20 weeks into a process with us and then we turn around and say ‘where are we up to with finance?”

If you let your builder know where you’re up to with everything, they can give you a time frame of when you need to start things rolling, like talking to the banks.


What’s included in your building contract can vary from builder to builder, and land some people in a bit of financial strife.

“Sometimes people get roped in with those TV ads for ridiculously cheap houses, that sound fantastic because you get a holiday with it or that kind of thing.”

The important thing to remember is a significantly cheap house probably is too good to be true, so it’s important to look at the contract and see where you’re missing out.

“It’s not all on the TV ad, that price is really not true, it’s just not going to happen.”

“With our black and white quote, that’s where we strive – we put everything out on the table, make everything really simple and make sure the people understand what they’re getting in the house with their standard inclusions.

“That’s why you need to take a good look at what’s included and compare apples with apples.”

If you’d like to talk about home designs, inclusions, or the building process, why not drop in and see the team at Stroud Homes Wagga Wagga.

They’ll be more than happy to take you through anything you’re not sure about, so you know where you stand.

Drop in to the display centre, take a walk through the display home, or just pick up the phone and call on 02 6931 8581 today.