Energy Efficient Homes in Tamworth

Energy Efficient Homes in Tamworth

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability a Top Priority

One of the goals for Stroud Homes Tamworth is to build homes that are highly energy efficient.

Sales Consultant Brittany Carrington explains, “We build this way to help improve the environment. If we utilise less energy, save natural resources and can help reduce pollution, we’re doing a good job.”

Sales Consultant Brittany

Energy Efficient Homes

With ‘Going Green’ on the forefront of many peoples’ minds, Brittany has found that their Tamworth customers are now much more interested in building energy efficient homes.

“We have a lot of enquiries on solar panels, off the grid energy, upgraded insulation and windows.”

In fact, the Stroud Homes Tamworth team are open to any suggestions their clients may have to build extras into their new home like solar systems and rain water tanks.

“We take any request from the client and see what we can do for them to best suit their needs and budget,” says Brittany.

Saving Money

The desire to produce and live in a home that is energy efficient is not only great for the environment, it’s also fantastic for resale.

By creating a home that is energy efficient, you are also building a home that can help the owner save money. By using materials that lower the need for heating, cooling and lighting, a cleverly built home can reduce energy costs.

new home build

Home Aspect

A clever way to reduce energy costs is to choose the correct aspect and location of your new home.

Brittany says, “Living areas and rooms you spend most time in should be north facing to get sun and light for the longest part of the day. Bedrooms should be positioned on the southern side so they are cooler for the night.”

To determine the best aspect for your new home, the team from Stroud Homes Tamworth offer free site evaluations.

Free site evaluation

If you’d like to talk to the Tamworth team about building an energy efficient home, please give them a call on 02 6766 4428 or fill in the form below and they’ll get back to you.

Peter Verrier
Peter Verrier