Enjoyable & Stress Free Colour Consults In Tamworth

Enjoyable & Stress Free Colour Consults In Tamworth

Georgie OatesWhen you choose Stroud Home’s Fully Loaded Inclusions package, customers in Tamworth are given a free four to five hour consultation with an Interior Designer.

If you decide to build with Stroud Homes Tamworth, you will get the chance to work with the uber talented Georgie Oates to choose everything from cabinet colours to external bricks.

We asked Georgie to talk to us about her job and how she helps achieve beautiful results for her Stroud Homes clients.

Can you tell me a little about your background and experience?

It was after completing a Diploma in Interior Design and moving to Tamworth nearly 10 years ago that Redchair Interiors really took off!

I am a country girl at heart and I guess this has really influenced my “keep it real, grounded approach” when designing spaces and working with clients.

The three main things that spell out importance are, integrity, honesty and practicality. Most of my work has focused on residential projects, anything from new builds, floor plan design, renovations, colour and styling.

In the last few years I have enjoyed dipping my toes into a few commercial projects, which have really fired up the creative juices!

Can you tell me about what your job with Stroud Homes Tamworth entails?

The main aim is to make sure the whole building experience and the selection process with Stroud Homes is enjoyable and stress free.

There is so much choice out there now and for most people it is daunting, confusing and over whelming when trying to select fixtures, finishes, colour schemes and staying on track.

Many doubt their decisions, therefore it’s my job to guide the clients through the process, reassure them, give them confidence and help them avoid any budget blowouts!

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I can imagine it can be a pretty daunting process, how do you help your customers?

It is an exciting time – building a new home! So I try to make the clients feel that enthusiasm and excitement!

The total service is five hours, but this is too much to absorb all at once, therefore I like to split this time into two appointments. This gives the clients time to reflect and absorb their decisions in between time and gather any questions they might have.

There is a lot to cover and think about, so I want the clients to be confident and comfortable with their decisions.  It is a big investment and the ultimate aim is to see a smile on their faces at the end!

Do you have a process you stick to when consulting?

For a colour consulting appointment involving a new build, the outside is always addressed first, and then we work our way in. Once entering the front door, it is all about the floor first. We then work our way up to walls, fixtures, fittings and cabinetry.  Most of the time the kitchen splashback is the very last thing as it is often the hero that pulls the scheme together.

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When choosing colours, fixtures and fittings do you think about mood and environment?

Absolutely!  Interior Design involves a lot of psychology!  It’s important to tap into what the clients wants, needs, style and priorities are. Most clients give a brief at the beginning, so we discuss these factors.  The home is for living and it is vital that it provides and fulfills a happy and healthy environment.

The external environment also plays a huge role, such as observing how the house is oriented on the block, the level of natural light reflecting into the home and how that is going to impact on the colours chosen.

It is also important to select a style, both externally and internally that sits practically and comfortably within the local landscape.

Does resale play on your mind?

This totally depends on the client’s situation and future plans.  If the home is a “spec” or a short-term investment, then the colour scheme and budget will definitely reflect the needs of resale.  If it is a “forever home” then the client may want to inject a bit more of their personality into the finishes.

I do often ask the question, “if you’re not sure you are going to still love it in 5 years, then don’t do it!”  It is a lot easier to buy a painting, change accessories or paint a wall than to re-tile a bathroom or change the kitchen!!

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Have you worked on any homes that standout in your mind?

I have had the pleasure in working on a number of beautiful homes, where I have been involved from floorplan design phase right through to completion.

I was lucky enough to also design and build our previous home. Its passive solar design paid close attention to a northeasterly aspect, polished concrete floor, which acted as a very efficient thermal mass and a large skylight that optimised the winter sun deep into the living space.

There are many projects I am proud of and occasionally fill me with a hint of envy, but I do love creating a stunning bathroom or kitchen!!

What is your design style?

Trends are not the be all and end all – they pass you by.  I guess I am a lover of classic timeless interiors that eclectically evolve over time.  I love textures, tribal and earthy elements that have soul and tell stories.

I am definitely not an advocate of the matchy, matchy staged look.  To me, it lacks personality, reality and reflection. To be honest there are many different styles I love. It’s a bit like Cinderella’s shoe, it needs to fit and suit to work!

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Are you excited about any trends for 2018?

Interior design is in for exciting times!  Although the newly announced Pantone colour for 2018, Ultra Violet is provocative, dramatic and inquisitive towards social and political influences globally, interiors for the next few years will enjoy reflecting ancient times, blending cultural authentic designs with textures, colours and patterns of today.

I love the organic shapes appearing in furniture, which appreciates their true natural forms.  The re-appearance of tanned leathers, soft metallic, agates and warm toned marbles.

There are velvets, tribal weaves, pastels and repurposed materials being transformed into amazing new products. You can tell I am passionate about this industry – I love it all!!

For more information, take a look at our Stroud Selection Studio page, pop in to our Display Centre or call the Stroud Homes Tamworth team on 02 6766 4428 or 0431 110 516

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