Explaining the Building Process

Explaining the Building Process

A Happy Building Process

Starting the process of building your new dream home can feel like a daunting task, and important aspects like quoting, build time, and guarantees can factor in on the decision of whom to build with.

Lisa Adams says the building process is different for everyone, depending on where you are in your building journey. But she guarantees the team from Stroud Homes Brisbane East will do all they can for you to have a happy building experience and be thrilled with the final product – your new home.

We catch up with Lisa and have her answers to some frequently asked questions about the building process, from initial contact to handover.

Can you walk me through the process of building a home with Stroud Homes Brisbane East?

We have clients come in right at the very start of their process when they are just looking at building and are wanting to know more, and other clients that have purchased their land, done their research, and are ready to build.

We find that there is so much information available at your fingertips, that many are coming to us with quite a bit of knowledge already.

However, we are here to help through the entire process, whatever is needed we can help with. We do work very closely with the Estates and Real Estate Agents in the area, to be able to help with locating the perfect block of land.

If you are in the position where you have found your land, and are ready to start moving forward, the process really can move as fast or as slow as you need.

The Preliminary Stage is where we start gathering all the information we need to move towards signing a contract and sending your documents through to Council for approval. This includes site testing and drafting the drawings, as well as touching base with the Building Certifier to ensure everything is covered. This stage can take as little as six weeks, or as long as you need.

Once we have completed the Preliminary Stages of the process, we are ready for signing your contract and lodging the documents with Council. Council can take anywhere up to eight weeks to send through the approvals, and once they have, we are onsite within seven days. This is where your 16 weeks starts!

You offer a 16-week build time guarantee on single storey homes under 300m2, what happens if the home has not reached practical completion as defined in the contract?

We guarantee a 16-week build time on all single storey, standard design homes under 300m2.

This means that we will complete your home to practical completion in this time, or pay you $50 in damages per day to offset any additional costs you incur, such as rent.

It is important to understand however, in our 16-week build time, we already allow for up to five days of wet weather in the first two months of construction. If there are additional delays, this is clearly documented.

How long does it take to build larger homes? Is there a building time guarantee?

Yes, we also have a guaranteed build time for a double storey, standard design home under 300m2. This is only 20 weeks.

The reason we guarantee these times for a standard design is that you may want us to build you a pool, or add landscaping, or a shed. You may want to upgrade to timber flooring, or your block may need a septic tank or additional site works.

Any addition or changes to the design can prolong the build time. We do sit down with you and explain the build time prior to signing your contract, and we put the build time into your contract so you know exactly what to expect.

Can you explain Stroud Homes’ free, no obligation quote within 24 hours?

We do offer 24 hr quoting. And you cannot ask for better service than that!

We understand that time is precious, and no one should need to sit around for weeks waiting on a quote. This applies to Monday – Friday requests on standard designs. But don’t fear, if you request it over the weekend, you can expect it on Monday!

If you are after something a little more personalised, it may take us a couple of days to quote however.

When during the process can I make changes to the design, and who do I contact in regards to this?

We work through your design with you from the start. Once we have your drawings sent off for drafting, we do include that you can make design changes up to three times. This allows us to make sure your plan is perfect.

Once construction has started, you can make variations. It is possible that this may add time or cost to the build. We do however offer one of our guided tours to be conducted with our electrician to talk through your electrical and lighting plan. At this point, you can request changes to the electrical plan, or simply make sure switches are where you want them to be.

Can you tell me about the other guarantees you offer at Stroud Homes Brisbane East?

We guarantee to be onsite within seven days of obtaining all approvals. This means, no waiting around and we start building straight away!

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If you’ve been planning on building your dream home in 2019 and would like to talk to Lisa and David about building in the Brisbane East region, they’d love to chat with you.

Give the friendly team a call on 07 3416 4839 or 0437 200 180.

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