Family Building For 2017

Family Building For 2017

Paddington 183 Skillion FacadeAfter a relaxing Christmas break with the family, Freddy from Stroud Homes Sydney South West has already kicked off the year with home sales and a newborn baby.

He’ll have his work cut out for him this year, but Freddy’s no stranger to hard work, so he already has his head in the game with the kind of builds set for 2017.

“Sydney people [this year] are usually interested in house and granny flat designs, for investment purposes.”

If you’re looking to build an investment property, Freddy has a successful model he’s been working with for these kinds of builds.

Stroud Homes has a wide range of home designs, so while there are plenty that work for investment properties, there are also family homes.

“People interested in first homes tend to go for reasonably priced family homes, like the Paddington and Como ranges.”

Building your first home can be quite a daunting experience at first, so Freddy recommends paying attention to what’s included in the quote when looking for a builder.

“Don’t get sucked into extremely cheap initial prices many bigger builders give – it’s a marketing technique and they often end up adding to the contract through add on items like site costs, or other variations.”

standard inclusionsAt Stroud Homes, everything from site costs to the driveway is included in the price, along with a long list of quality standard inclusions.

“We give the whole home package in the first price you see every time.”

One option that has become popular in the Sydney housing market is to do knock down re-builds on old homes in good positions.

Knowing the stress that this can put on a family in transition, Freddy can help in many ways.

“We can help organise the demolition of the old house if required, and even help set up a rental property in the local area.”

So if you’re looking to build in the new year, drop in to the display centre in Kemps Creek and have a chat with Freddy and the team today.