Fantastic Façades For The House Proud

Fantastic Façades For The House Proud

Design and building trends are always changing over the years and Thomas Eldridge from Stroud Homes Brisbane South has noticed some of these changes out his way.

While some may claim home ownership is a difficult task to achieve, those who do finally get there tend to make the most of it.

“We are seeing more and more families spending money on an upgraded façade,” Thomas says.

“We find our customers to be extremely house proud and we love building for those types of families.”

While Stroud Homes has a large collection of home designs for you to choose from, each home design also has a number of façade options, changing the external look, and sometimes the internal dimensions.

Just take a look at how a change of façade can make a huge difference to the award winning Wildflower 256 design.

Classic Façade

The most economical option, the Classic Façade, is still a fantastic look any family can be proud of. With standard brickwork, 2.4 metre ceilings and a colourbond roof.

From there you have several other themes, allowing you to personalise your home into something that truly suits you and your family.

Coastal Façade

The Coastal Façade offers a gentle, understated class with high 2.7 metre ceilings.

Portico Façade

For an impressive feature, the Portico Façade has a stone wall centrepiece at the front entranceway and some dark brickwork, along with those high ceilings.

Urban Façade

The Urban Façade uses sharp lines and geometric architectural features to make your home stand out from the rest.

Mountain Façade

Making your home look like a retreat lodge, the Mountain Façade uses timeless timber and stone for a look that never goes out of style.

Federation Façade

The Federation Façade is another classic look from when your parents bought their first home, with red brick and white pillars.

Rendered Federation Façade

For a twist, there’s also a Rendered Federation Façade option.

Skillion Façade

A very popular design at the moment is the Skillion Façade, with timber fronting and a very open, spacious look. It makes the home appear larger and allows for those 2-7 metre ceilings.

Alpine Façade

The Alpine Façade also makes use of stone and wood to make your home look more like a lodge at a ski resort.

The real question is, what stands out to you? If you’re looking to build your new family home, take the time to talk to Thomas and the team at Brisbane South about design and façade options and how they can tailor a package to suit you.

“Everyone enjoys the process more when the client takes great pride in the final product.”

Visit the Brisbane South display home in Jimboomba for a walk through, or simply call on 07 5540 3949 to book an appointment today.