Fantastic Façades with Stroud Homes Melbourne North

Fantastic Façades with Stroud Homes Melbourne North

All about the façade

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”

The façade of a home is its street appeal. It is the home’s face towards the street and creates the ultimate first impression of your new home for friends, family and neighbours.

Also, your façade is truly what makes the home your own, and commonly determines the style and interior of the home.

“Usually if clients are going for a Hamptons façade, you will also find that the interior is following that same light, bright and sophisticated yet beachy vibe,” says Stroud Homes Melbourne North builder David Kirby.

“In Melbourne’s North however, most people tend to go for the classic brick façade, which better reflect the area we live in.”

Stroud Homes has a fantastic range of façade options to choose for your new home, including the new Hamptons façade. We tell you everything you need to know tho make the right decision for your home.

Façade options

While Stroud Homes has a large collection of home designs for you to choose from, each home design also has a number of façade options, changing the external look, and sometimes the internal dimensions.

Design and building trends are always changing over the years and people’s taste in façades is no different, therefore Stroud Homes customers now have more new home façades to choose from than ever before.

Even though most designs have two or three façades to choose from, David tells us that it’s also possible to upgrade to a different façade, or customise it to suit your home.

“Stroud Homes across the board is a very flexible builder, which means we can customise almost anything to suit the client’s needs and wants.”

The popular Wildflower 256

Browse through Stroud Homes’ Wildflower 256 design below, which comes in a wide selection of façades:

  • Classic Façade
  • Coastal Façade
  • Portico Façade
  • Urban Façade
  • Mountain Façade

  • Federation Façade
  • Rendered Federation Façade
  • Skillion Façade
  • Alpine Façade
  • Hamptons Façade

What to think about

Once you know which floor plan suits your requirements you can then select your façade to complete the look of your home inside and out.

When it comes to choosing all the elements for your façade, it is all about balance.

All the key elements involved, including the style, look, materials, colours, features, lighting and landscaping should tie together to create a story about who you are and how you live.

David also tells us that some areas may have specific state guidelines for your choice of design and façade. Make sure you know what they are so you don’t waste time brainstorming, only to realise that the styles you like are not permitted.

Beside state restrictions, the main things to consider when choosing ‘a face’ for your house is price, design criteria and maintenance.

Building materials

Based on possible state restrictions and your desired style, you can now start to think about the materials of the façade.

The most common options available from builders are Colorbond steel, concrete or terracotta tiles for the roof, and brick, tiles or render (paint) and weatherboards for your walls.

Keep in mind the maintenance of the material. The material you choose should age well with little upkeep required.

For example, if your live in an area where it is often rainy or humid, a wood façade is not recommended as it can warp.

You can always ask your Stroud Homes builder which façade and what material will best suit your home design, area and climate.

But the real question is, what stands out to you?

If you’re looking to build your new family home, take the time to talk to David and the team at Melbourne North about design and façade options and how they can tailor a package to suit you.

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