Find Your Street Appeal with the Right Façade

Find Your Street Appeal with the Right Façade

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What is a home’s façade and why is it important?

Façade is best described as the main front or ‘face’ of a building that faces on to a street or open space.

The façade of your home, and how you personalise it, plays the principle role in your home’s street appeal, in conjunction with the front landscaping.

It can significantly impact your home’s value and create that first impression; the ‘wow’ factor.

According to Stroud Homes Sales Consultant Jou Jong, the modern, contemporary façade designs are the most popular choices right now in the Canberra region.

These include the Portico and Urban façades, especially in the new, establishing suburbs. And when you have options in terms of materials and colour choices within each façade option, the end results are both endless and fully personalised.

We find out everything there is to know about façades when building with Stroud Homes Canberra.

Aston 168 Hamptons Façade

Façade options at Stroud Homes

With Stroud Homes Canberra, you have several façade options as well as an extensive range of house designs to choose from. Façades include:

  • Classic
  • Skillion
  • Coast
  • Portico
  • Urban

  • Mountain
  • Alpine,
  • Federation,
  • Hamptons
    (our newest façade)

Just as Stroud’s standard plans and inclusions can be modified to suit your lifestyle, requirements, block and budget, you also have an array of ways you can customise your new home’s façade to suit your taste and budget.

Kirra 255 Double Storey Urban Façade

How to pick a façade for your new home

There are several factors you need to consider or may want to keep in mind when deciding between which façade design to go with.

Some of these aspects may include:

  • Your façade budget and overall budget, factoring in all the other major costs such as the design plan, inclusions, retaining walls etc.
  • Consider your style & taste now but also how this may change in the future if building your forever home.
  • Materials and colour choices – what options are available and how do they work together. Our Design Consultant can assist you with this aspect at your Colour Selection appointment.
  • Trends, investment and sale-ability of your home.
  • Maintenance & durability – depending on the façade chosen and materials used, maintenance requirements can vary and should be compared and considered when designing your new home.
  • Council requirements, guidelines and restrictions for your area/suburb in terms of façades.
  • Is it suitable & sympathetic to the area and neighbourhood.

In general, almost any façade can be applied to any Stroud Homes design. However, there are instances where a façade may not work with a particular design plan or would not look aesthetically pleasing.

Stroud Homes Canberra’s experienced team of architect/designers, engineers and builder will work with you to achieve a design that takes into consideration your requirements and a final design that is structurally and aesthetically sound.

Wildflower 274 Skillion Façade

What is Cladding?

Cladding is basically a special architectural treatment that you can apply to the exterior of your home to ‘dress it up’.

There are so many options when it comes to cladding and you can achieve a wide variety of looks from contemporary to traditional. They can be used on the ground and upper floors to great effect.

At Stroud Homes, there are standard and upgrade options available and it’s best to speak with the team for more details on what’s available.

You can also check out the James Hardie website, one of Stroud Homes Canberra’s choice suppliers, for their inspiring range of options available.

The Stroud Homes Canberra Team looks forward to chatting with you about the options available when it comes to façades, and personalising the face of your new home to suit your taste and budget!

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VJ Tran

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