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Road testing the Fire Pit at our Jimboomba Woods display


Our team at Stroud Homes “tested” the fire pit at a small team event on a Friday night recently. It proved to be a really great area to sit around on a chilly night. Sitting low means you’re out of the breeze, keeping everyone warm.

We tried roasting marshmallows, that worked fine, it seems as the marshmallow bag was soon empty! (be careful not to drop marshmallows on the hot rocks).

Fire Pit Jimboomba WoodsOne thing was missing! – the typical smoke in your eyes that you’d normally have with a wood fire was pleasantly absent. It was nice to sit around a fire and not go home smelling like smoke.

I must admit that i’ve always went for the authenticity of a wood fire, but the atmosphere and convenience with the gas unit is amazing.

I think it is fair to say that our team loved it! Ask us to build one with your families’ new Stroud Home – we think you’d love it too!

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