Flooring Options for your Home

Flooring Options for your Home

How to choose between the wide range of available flooring for your family.

There are so many options out there now but what is the difference, after all we only walk on it right…? Wrong, the material you choose to put on the floor in your home can be a very big decision when you stop and really think about it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will your family need water resistance, warm, soft or durable flooring?
  • Do you want it to be low cost but look expensive or do you want to spend a fortune?
  • Do you have indoor pets or small children making a mess daily?

When you actually think about how much your floors are put through making the right decision now may save you a lot of money in the future.

Flooring options

Most of us think of tiles in the living and carpet in the bedrooms but now there are many more options to look into such as vinyl sheeting, vinyl planking, bamboo and solid timber flooring.

Vinyl sheeting flooring – Vinyl sheeting flooring is water resistant making it a great option if you live by the beach or have a young family who might pitter patter their wet feet around the house after a bath. It’s also inexpensive and is quieter than timber flooring, making it a good solution for homes with kids or pets.

Vinyl plank flooring – This flooring is water-resistant making it a great solution for homes by the coast and across Australia’s variable climates – the boards will only expand and contract minimally as temperatures change. It’s stylish yet practical and can be used throughout an entire house or apartment.

Bamboo flooring – Sustainable warriors will love bamboo flooring as it’s a fast growing and renewable material. It is also more tough than most timber floors so ideal for kids and looks stylish too with its distinctive finish and texture.

Solid timber flooring – Solid timber flooring is ideal for all spaces in a family home, is sound-proof and easy to care for. However, maintenance can be expensive, so if you expect a lot of wear and tear from pets and young ones, then you might like to reconsider this option.

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The good news is, in our Colour Selection Studio you can see firsthand all of the options Stroud Homes has to offer and we are open every day 9am to 5pm even Saturday and Sunday, so drop in for a look!

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