Flooring Young Home Owners For 2017

Flooring Young Home Owners For 2017

The housing market in Australia has had a reputation as being hard to break into for younger people, but we were floored to hear this hasn’t been the case for Brisbane South.

Thomas Eldridge from Stroud Homes Brisbane South was telling us he’s only recently handed over a few homes to people in their very early twenties.

“It’s a great pleasure to see them starting in the home market at such a young age, and being able to give them such a quality home that I know they’ll be able to make a good profit on in the future when they need it,” Thomas says.

Many new home buyers have also been leaning towards the skillion façade option for their new home.

“The skillions we have combine a bit of stone and timber work and are a fantastic look.”

Another inclusion option that has floored new home buyers is the extensive range of floor coverings.

“We can now accommodate any request, from tiles all the way to solid timber, we can do it all and provide upfront pricing.”

We mentioned in an earlier article this year that 2017 was seeing a bit of a shift towards smaller lot builds.

As a result, the Brisbane South team have plans in the works to build a second display home on a small residential lot at Flagstone.

This will be built with one of Stroud Homes’ designs that make use of small lots, though the quality and finishes will still be done to the same standard as the existing acreage display home in Jimboomba.

“We get constant feedback on the size and quality of the home – I truly believe we provide a unique service in the industry combining the best of both a custom home builder and project home builder.”

If you’re looking to build a new home this year, drop into the Jimboomba display home to see the high standard and quality finishes that all Stroud Homes are built to.