FREE Site Evaluation with Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley

FREE Site Evaluation with Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley


Get your FREE Site Evaluation

Site evaluations can be an extremely useful tool for you to get a better understanding of what it will take to build a house on a block of land you have purchased, or you are looking to purchase.

Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley provides client with FREE site evaluations and will meet with you out on your block to give rough guides on how much site works or retaining may be required.

We speak to Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley Manager Tom Sachs about WHY site evaluations are so important.

Bryan explains site works:

Stroud Homes offer FREE site evaluations
Why do I need a site evaluation? What information can I find out about my land?

Some of the vital information a site evaluation will provide includes where the best location to sit your home would be and the level of retaining required.

Stroud Homes will also talk to you about any additional works you might like to include as part of your house build (pools and sheds for example).

Other points may include:

  • contours
  • cut and fill requirements
  • spoil removal
  • possible bushfire risks
  • possibility of rock
  • noise issues
  • probable soil type

  • tree removal
  • recommended construction slab, split level etc.
  • service set backs
  • sewerage requirements
  • water supply
  • irrigation requirements

Stroud Homes offer a site evaluation for free, is this normally something other builders offer?

Not all builders offer this service, in fact some builders won’t even come and see your block until you have signed a preliminary agreement with them. This is if they come out at all.

The potential saving to you could be in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, as we will try to be as up front as possible with site costs, while other builders may try to hide these costs until after you have signed contract.

When in the process of building my home will the site evaluation take place?

As early as possible, we are more than happy for our first meeting to be on your block or a block you are looking to purchase!

Do I have to commit to building with Stroud Homes in order to get the free site evaluation?

Not at all. Our site evaluations are obligation free and provides us with plenty of information about your block so we can give you an accurate as possible quote without any preliminary testing.

Who will conduct my site evaluation?

Our new homes consultant Peter Woolgar will be the one to meet you out on your block.

This is just yet another way Stroud Homes helps you the homebuyer make the best buying decision.

To get some more home and land information, message Stroud Homes Lockyer Valley on Facebook, or give the team a call on 0447 787 683 to discuss your needs:

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