Get a FREE Site Evaluation with Stroud Homes Cardinia

Get a FREE Site Evaluation with Stroud Homes Cardinia


Free site evaluations are standard

Getting your lot evaluated before purchase will give you key information about the land and could potentially save you thousands in future site cost.

Site evaluations will also give you a realistic idea of the end result – your dream home.

At Stroud Homes Cardinia, the team offer all their clients a professional site evaluation, obligation free, and free of charge.

This service is just one of the many extras included when building with Stroud Homes.

“Being a premium builder we need to offer consistent premium service to all our clients.”

“Whether they are building the Avoca 198 or the Kentucky 600 Grande, this a free service offered by all Stroud Home offices across the board.

Stroud Homes offer FREE site evaluations

What you find out about your land

By visiting the building site, Stroud Homes will be able to determine the location of all available services and drainage and if any trees or overhead power lines might affect the build. They will also check the distance between neighbouring properties and if there are any privacy (overlooking) issues.

If the client has already found a suitable floor plan for their future home, Stroud Homes is able to peg out the building area and give the clients an idea of where everything would be located on the block.

From the findings on site, Stroud can then give the clients a ‘ballpark’ of a finished price based on the Fully Loaded Standard Inclusions.

“Site evaluation isn’t as easy as it sounds, there is a lot of background research into the estate engineering, building guidelines and Council restrictions.”

“At the end of the day we are trying to include all possible items or issues that might arise so there aren’t any surprises later. The last thing the client wants is to find out information and related costs after the contract is signed,”

“We understand the importance of communication and being upfront with all clients.”


The ‘Why’

A site evaluation is crucial before purchasing a land lot as it allows you to compare one block against another.

A site evaluation can save you both money and headache by providing important information about:

  • contours
  • cut and fill requirements
  • spoil removal
  • possible bushfire risks
  • possibility of rock
  • noise issues
  • probable soil type
  • house orientation

  • tree removal
  • recommended construction slab
  • split level construction
  • timber floor construction
  • service set backs
  • sewerage requirements
  • water supply
  • irrigation requirements


The Who, What, When and Where

When Stroud Homes Cardinia carries out a site evaluation the visit is usually done by the sales consultant, together with the building supervisor or one of the engineers.

“We will choose someone who has the most experience and best suited to evaluate the site.”

The findings from the evaluation is based on the team’s knowledge and years of experience building houses from the ground up in the local area.

If the client is already in the process of building, the necessary land surveys should be completed and all site information is based on evidence.

“We often have clients who are ‘shopping builders’ or come in asking for the site visit just as a second opinion, either way we love to help!”

“At the end of the day, building a home is one of the biggest commitments in life, we are here to help our clients through the process and make the journey as smooth as possible.”

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