Get Summer Ready for the Queensland Heat

Get Summer Ready for the Queensland Heat


Be ready for summer storms, bushfires & heatwaves

This summer is predicted to be a long, dry, hot and possibly dangerous season.

Local and State Government and QLD SES have a series of plans and educational fact sheets and websites to help you prepare your family, your home, your yard and your evacuation plan, should the worst happen.

Don’t wait until it is too late, visit the below sites to find out if you’re ready or what you will need to do to be prepared:


Is your pool safe for summer?

After you have made sure to stock the cupboards with extra batteries and bottles of water in case you loose power and you have cleaned out gutters and made sure any outdoor furniture is securely stored you might need to check a few other areas around your home especially if we are in for a record breaking hot summer.

Having a swimming pool in your backyard will be a wonderful source of family fun especially with the extra hot days but with a pool comes a great deal of responsibility.

Making sure all backyard pools, portable and inflatable pools and even spas are safe for children should be the number one priority of a pool owner.

And restricting the access to these areas is one of the most important way to ensure children do not gain entry to a pool area without adult supervision.


The ‘Kids Alive’ Campaign

The best way to learn what is required of you to be a responsible pool owner is to watch an introductory video from the ‘Kids alive, do the five’ campaign – living with water.

Kids Alive founder and former Australian Olympic Swimming Coach, Laurie Lawrence and his team have put together a plethora of information and safety tips from setting up your own pool, being safe around public bodies of water to teaching your children how to swim.

There are books, videos, apps, swim schools and a kid’s channel to help everyone find the best way to absorb the information needed to stay safe.

Visit the ‘Kids Alive’ website now to make sure your pool is safe:

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