Get to know Stroud Homes Toowoomba owners Patrick & Megan

Get to know Stroud Homes Toowoomba owners Patrick & Megan

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New Stroud Homes Toowoomba owners, Patrick Neville and Megan Thomas, are passionate about providing good quality homes to local families, and with the Stroud Homes brand, systems and support behind them.

“We know that the systems Stroud Homes has in place for owners and staff members are the best available,” says Megan.

We get to know the new project home builders a bit more..


The pair does not lack experience within the building industry, with Megan having worked for many different types of builders, including the small local type and really big, well known ones throughout her career.

Patrick’s background is very much hands-on tradie based, and he has been doing carpentry work for local Toowoomba builders for a number of years. Patrick also has a Diploma in Building Construction.

“Through our careers we’ve been able to experience first hand what does and does not work in the office and on-site,” says Megan.

Megan has been working in the industry since 2010, starting in admin-based roles. However, she soon continued to expand her knowledge in many different areas as she felt passionate about the industry in whole.

“I am now primarily in sales, and with being a big people person, is a great fit for me,” tells Megan.

“I love talking to people and helping them understand the building process with us and it means I get to talk about something I am so passionate about.”

Toowoomba builders

Megan says there is no shortage of builders in the area, but since her and Patrick have been around, they’ve done a great job at providing value for money and good quality family homes.

“We are constantly told we’re within the Top 5 of builders local people need to get a quote from when starting the search for their new home,” says Megan.

“If you are looking at builders and how you want your new home to feel and look like you can come through one of our Displays and get a really good gauge of what you are getting for your money,”

“We always seem to get great feedback from prospective clients on how nice it is to see a realistic Display Home within the local Display Home market.”

The Toowoomba Highfields Display Home at 105 Cronin Road, Highfields (The Avenues Estate) 

In Megan’s eyes, these reasons are why people are choosing Stroud Homes Toowoomba as their local builder:

  • We do free onsite evaluations – even if you don’t own the block! It is so important more people do this as you are then getting potential negotiating power on the sale price of the land. There’s also the benefit of an expert helping you find the right block to suit you home.
  • No hidden costs – we include site costs, driveways, flooring plus over 81 other STANDARD inclusions in our prices, our competitors show ‘allowances’ or PC (Prime Costs) or PS (Provisional Sum) costs in their pricing and exact costs are not known until you sign your contract.
  • You can change our plans at no extra cost.
  • You are talking directly with the owners of the business – we want to ensure you feel comfortable with the process and are here to help every step of the way.
  • Step into your beautiful new home sooner with our 16 week build time guarantee. We also guarantee to be onsite within 7 days from approvals.

Choosing a builder in Toowoomba

When building your dream home, one of the first steps includes choosing your builder.

Megan says not to be afraid of sitting down with your builder and the sales team, and ask all the hard questions before committing.

“We are here to help you make informed decisions on what works best for you. We want to make sure we are going to be a good fit for you,” says Megan.

“It’s also important to work WITH your land and not against it. Site positioning is so important and it doesn’t cost anything but it definitely makes a massive different to how your home feels as well as how it is affected by the weather and sun.”

Building in the area

According to Megan, the first home buyers market has taken a bit of a hit in the area but she has seen it pick back up recently.

Most of Stroud Homes Toowoomba’s clients generally know a little bit about the building industry already, whether they have built before or have a builder in the family.

“They come and see us as they appreciate the services we are offering and can understand how it benefits them.”

“My first home buyers are always really impressed with the processes once I have had a chance to sit them down in our Display Home and discuss it openly with them.”

“They can be nervous if they haven’t built before and it helps the experience seem less daunting.”


If you are interested in building your dream home in Toowoomba, don’t hesitate to contact the Stroud Homes Toowoomba team by calling 0438 703 586.

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