Gold Coast Knock Down Rebuild Options

Gold Coast Knock Down Rebuild Options

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Love where you live? Love your neighbourhood and your even your long-time neighbours? Don’t want to move but sick and tired of your outdated home?  Why not consider a knock down re-build? Imagine a brand-new home in place of the old home you live in now – but so much better!

The number of knock down rebuilds has certainly increased over the last few years and the reasons are many. Previously amongst home owners there was a fear of not getting their money back on resale however this has changed due to an increase in demand for newer homes.

Home buyers are looking for new properties with the latest fixtures and design trends which has caused high demand for these types of homes – while there are many knock down rebuilds occurring, owners are building to live in the property for longer periods of time so when they do go on the market, they are sold quickly.

Knock down rebuilds are giving those with growing families a more feasible option to build bigger homes with more space and to create a home that is exactly what they wanted!

You might be thinking, why not just renovate? Depending on how much you want to change, a renovation could turn out to be far more expensive and a longer process, not to mention inconvenient. Starting the build from scratch is a great option for many families and can often be more affordable.

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