Granny Flats – A Growing Trend on the Gold Coast

Granny Flats – A Growing Trend on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking to combine multiple generations and gather your family together under the same roof this year, granny flats, attached or stand-alone, could be the perfect solution!

Montego Granny Flat

The ‘granny’

“We are finding that granny flats and dual living options are gaining popularity,” says Stroud Homes Salesperson Martin Smith. “Probably in response to financing constraints and housing affordability pressures.”

Last year the popular builder saw an increasing demand for the dual living option on the Gold Coast, and according to Martin, there’s no reason to believe the trend won’t stick around for quite some time still.

When building acreage homes with bigger lots, people view the additional building as a great investment for rental purposes, or as a way to host family members with a bit of privacy still intact.

Elderly parents or ageing extended family members can occupy the added house in a property instead of paying for room and board in an aged care facility.

The ‘granny’ can also provide an excellent rental income and create a lucrative selling point when the house is put back on the property market.


Your options

When building with Stroud Homes Gold Coast North, you’ll have the option of adding an attached granny flat to many of the new home designs or opt for a stand-alone dwelling.

Being an experienced granny flat builder, Martins says that when looking at the home from the exterior, you wouldn’t know that it houses two families.

Yet the granny flat section has its own entrance and its own garage!

Custom designed granny flats

“At Stroud Homes Gold Coast we use a specialist drafts person to design our attached granny flats to suit your land, your budget and your lifestyle,” says Martin.

“Many of our attached granny flats are custom designed to suit the needs of each family. It’s a great combination of Stroud design and client ideas that results in a home that works for its occupants.”

Building & Benefits

A granny flat solution can provide ample living space while also presenting an integrated home frontage and roofline. The additional building can also provide a host of other benefits to your existing living situation, such as:

  • Greater economy and affordability
  • Improved security
  • Flexible lifestyle options including childminding, supervision and assistance
  • Cost-effectiveness of the initial build
  • Enhanced resale value

Chez Ami 245 Coast Façade

Adding an attached or stand-alone granny flat

If you like to add a granny flat to an existing dwelling, limitations of the land and available space might dictate what options you are able to consider.

A few other factors are also wise to take into consideration before you tell your Stroud Homes builder which path to go down when adding on a flat to your existing or proposed dwelling.

According to Martin, attached granny flats are usually slightly more cost-effective in comparison to detached flats, but on the other hand the stand-alone option provides superior privacy and might work for large families better in the long run. This option is also usually easier to rent out.

Mini-Tego 78 Stand Alone Granny Flat Skillion Façade

If you are interested in building a granny flat on the Gold Coast this year, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Martin and the experienced team at Stroud Homes Gold Coast North, they’d love to help!

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